Slime Fantasies a rendu heureux des milliers de personnes à travers le monde en apportant de magnifiques slimes dans leur vie. Lisez ce que certains de nos clients disent de nos produits !
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Leaves a lot of fall out but very cool feeling. Scent could smell more like coffee beans though


Very soft and fluffy texture! Smell is unique

Great slime bad scent

Love everything about this slime but the scent. I expected a blueberry cake but it smells of very strong potpourri.

Cherry Blossom Raindrop

The slime was beautiful and mixed into a perfect texture. The Scent smells so good. If your thinking about getting I highly recommend.

Adorable and smells amazing

I was hoping to find a good scent that isn't just sweet stuff and this slime nails it! Smells as close as the smell of a forest that has been freshly rained on as you could get. Plus the little mushrooms are adorable. Very happy with this slime and crunches galore.

Slime turns my hands brown. Scent is subjective but I really don't like it. The texture is great though. I would love to try another snowfizz from Slime Fantasies in the future.

Can't go wrong with the duck

It's a duck. In a clear blue slime you slowly stretch. Watching the little guy swim down is fun! Plus the scent smells wonderful!

Buy it, you know you wanna :)

Genuinely one of the best slimes I’ve bought! It got here pretty fast and the texture is so nice, also smells incredible! :)

Robin's Egg Cupcake
Leah L. Bain-Mullican
Amazing 🤩

If I could give more stars I would, texture and smell are the perfect combination. The snaps are very satisfying 🤩

Emotional Support Slime
Leah L. Bain-Mullican

The smell, the colors (before & after mix) and the texture are all exactly the name a wonderful bright hug 🤗

Ground coffee beans my beloved

Slime fantasies knocked it out of the park with this slime! It's so crunchy and satisfying to stretch, and the coffee smell is *chefs kiss* amazing. I could see myself buying it again in the future once mine dies. I love it!

Extra Slime Container
Savannah Mosley

extra container to hold my extra slime from DIY slime kits! Worked like a charm!


Very buttery and smooth. Scent is not overwhelming

Waikiki Beach
Savannah Mosley

I was a bit skeptical as im not a huge tropical scent liker bc im not a fan of coconuts, however this smells more like pineapple and the texture is awesome! By far one of my favorites s far.

Cucumber Melon Freeze
Savannah Mosley

Cucumber Melon scents bring me back! Such a nostalgic scent to me. Slime is so fun to play with and the texture is so smooth


Jelly cubes were fun to pop and the crackly texture is too perfect. Smells just like apple pie and is fun to play with!

Madison Poole
Love it

Love the texture and scent!

Winter Sunset Stroll
Madison Poole

New favorite slime. Mixing it together was memorizing, and love the soft end result. Scent is lovely.

Makes me happy when i play with it

Loved the smell

Texture is awesome on this one, is a slower stretch. The scent is amazing thou smells just like moss and forest.


Exactly as described, very clicky and bubbly, great stretch. Smells like cherry bottle cap candy.

A great comfort

It was a delight to mix and smell is wonderful! It brings up memories of a rainy day curling up with a book and just relaxing. The texture is soft and stretchy, the clay mixed wonderfully, and the smell is delicate and spot on.

feels nice but not espresso

It smells less like a brown sugar coffee with oat cream and more like all brown sugar. The texture is lovely to play with and east to handle without being sticky but the sent was not what i was hoping for with a espresso slime.

Love it!!

Robin's Egg Cupcake
Marycelis Laguer

Smells amazing and feels amazing too! Definitely ordering another slime! Shipping was also pretty quick!