DIY Slime - Apple Crisp Crunch

DIY Jelly Cube Fizz Slime
Pastel Yellow + Brown = Vanilla-Colored
Apple Crisp (with notes of ripened apples, sweet cinnamon sugar & warm crumbles)
1oz Apple Compote (Jelly Cube Slime)
Not Edible
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Size: DIY Set (Regular)
Apple Crisp Crunch Fall Slime Crunchy Snow Fizz Slime Fantasies 9oz Front View

DIY Slime - Apple Crisp Crunch


DIY Slime - Apple Crisp Crunch

Size: DIY Set (Regular)

Customer Reviews

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It smells fantastic and the texture is amazing ! This is one of the best slimes I’ve ever had !

Very nice, if you like apple pie or snow fizz!

This slime is so cute and smells SO good. Idk what some of the other reviews are talking about with it being too strong, because I think it smells just like an apple pie and it’s so soothing. The color is also great and the clear slime looks exactly like apple pie filling. I loved it.

That being said, it turns out I don’t really like snow fizz. I’m brand new to slime and I was unaware that there were two different fake snows that are put into slime. Snow fizz seems to be made with little plastic snow, not the water activated stuff, and I don’t really like it but that’s absolutely nothing to do with this slime or slime shop, I just didn’t know. But now I do, so I can be better informed with my next slime purchase on what I prefer.

The color, scent, and sound of this slime when you play with it are heavenly though and if the snow fizz texture is something you like, get this slime! It’s so amazing and I can’t wait to try some other slimes from this shop. I LOVED the compote on this slime so maybe a full jelly cube slime will be right up my alley :)


this is the most unique texture ive ever experienced. in a really good way. smells like a fall candle and makes me sooo happy :D

Marissa McLelland
Love the fizz texture

I love the fizz slime, the texture is amazing. I will say I was disappointed with the amount of jelly cube topping I received, it had maybe 3 cubes in it. AMAZING fall scent.


Love this, a little scratchy but it’s amazing ones used a bit. Shrinks a bit and gets a bit sticky with use.

Madison Bonebrake
Smells so good

It smells really good but sadly it does shrink a little over time, but it still love it!

Morgan N
The smell..

This was my first time ordering from this slime business so maybe it’s my fault but the smell was really.. extreme? Even after playing with it and washing my hands the smell lingered for so long and was driving me crazy! I thought it was gonna be a light scent. Also the crisps in it was really minimal :/

Not many apple chunks

Smells nice, but not strong or distinct apple pie for me or my sister. Still a pleasant scent, but could be better. The 1oz add on of apple 'compote' for me was only three apple chunks and a 3/4 full container. Extremely disappointed with that, because the literal pictures showed what the slime should have been, and that's not at all what you'll get in the end after mixing. It did however teach me I love jelly cubes in slime! Which made it even more sad there were only 3 to squish. Final slime is a light tan, with barely any color change from the add in. If you want your slime to be exactly as advertised.... Find a different one 🤷‍♀️


smells just like apple pie. I recommend this! although I wish it had more apple cubes and jelly slime to add on top!

Taylor Smith
Incredible texture

This is possibly my favorite texture ever. The smell is great, very cinnamon. Its lasted a while and still feels like when i first got it. 10/10 recommend.

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