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    Slime Fantasies has made thousands of people around the world happy by bringing beautiful slimes in their lives. Read what some of our customers have to say about our products!
    Based on 3122 reviews
    Long lasting

    It has long lasting smell and I’ve had it for a coupes months and it still is just fine

    Love it

    Smells so good, and so soft. Love the charms roo.

    So soft!!

    The slime is very soft and good!


    i have spent more than 187.49 dollors if slime it is so worth it though


    I got the Slime 2 days early which is amazing and whenever I got it it was perfectly soft and it even came with a piece of candy which I love but it was not hard it was so soft and the smell is so amazing and my friend in me loves the smell I'm not a big fan of the smell of lavender and pime
    needle in the stuff that was inside the slime but it smells so good whenever I have a headache I just smell it in my headaches go away in like 5 minutes I'm definitely going to buy more slime right after I submit this comment best slime ever totally will buy again and I also bought some stuff off of dope slimes cuz I wanted to see what slime shop I would like the best and whenever I got there slime I ordered two mystery putys and when I open the putties they wouldn't even stretched they were Loosely hard as a rock in the cherry Coca-Cola slime was so sticky it was so hard to like it didn't even stretch it was probably the worst song I've ever bought

    Great smell, unique texture!

    As somebody who is new to slime, I was a little worried about not liking a texture that wasn't entirely smooth, but this turned out to be a great surprise! The crunchiness isn't odd or irritating, and the slime itself is fun to stretch and squeeze.

    Pumpkin Guts
    Kiera P
    Smells amazing !

    This slime is so soft and smells amazing! Though little particles comes off on my fingers and table quite easily which I’m not sure is intentional but other than that I love it so much.

    Very Good

    The slime cane mixed a little but that is ok. I love the texture!

    So Fluffy!

    The slime did not inflate but its so fluffy I can't stop playing with it!

    Cookie Dough

    This slime was everything I hoped it would be and more!

    So good!!

    The slime is not my favorite sent but every thing else good

    Blackberry Cheesecake
    Lydia Carrico
    Awesome crunchy butter slime!

    This had an amazing scent lick blackberries. It makes amazing sounds and feels so soft and buttery. I absolutely recommend.


    The scent smells so good and when you mix the colors it makes a chocolate color. Totally reccomend

    Key Lime Pie Crunch Bar
    Lime is the best

    the sounds are so asmr and the little lime sprinkles make the slime look like a lime milkshake, overall 100 out of 10 :D

    Strawberry Cheesecake
    Brianna Dolley
    So soft!

    This slime was super super soft after. It became me and my fiancé’s favorite texture. And the smell is AWESOME. I would definitely buy again 10/10.

    Banana Cream Pie
    Steven Everett
    amazing slime

    I love this slime it has such an amazing slime!!!! It smells on point the feel is soooooo nice!!!!!!

    Oreo Milk Thickie
    Aleesha Adnan
    Oreo milk thickie slime

    The slime had the perfect amount of scent, it wasnt too light or over powering, not super realistic and not my personal favourite but still ok (that's just my own opinion). I have one complaint, I ordered from the UK and the package was in perfect condition but the slime was really over activated and I couldn't stretch it. It was not fun. I tried to soften it and it helped a bit but it was still quote stiff. I let it sit for a week and then it was fine though. Overall a pretty good slime.

    Strawberry Cheesecake
    Aleesha Adnan
    Strawberry cheesecake slime

    The slime was nice. It had the perfect amount of scent in it and it was too light but it wasnt too over powering and it smells pretty good. It did come a little bit overcativated. I ordered from the uk and it came in food condition and did not mix! Overall agreat slime!

    Pretty good

    Smelt really good like chocolate and the texture was nice. When you play with it, the snow stuff kinda gets on hands.

    Sugar Cookie
    Christina Griffin

    I bought this for my daughter. Now everyone in the house wants one :)

    Blackberry Cheesecake
    Kairi Nishimura
    BlackBerry Cheesecake

    I bought this slime for my sister's birthday and I was so anxious to see her reaction. She was delighted to see the slime! She is so stingy with it! Out of all of her gifts, she plays with the slime the most. Here are my pros and cons.

    -Smells exactly like the actually dessert.
    -Feels Wonderful
    -Extremely Stretchy
    -Relives Stress
    -Gives Great Crunches
    -Comes with a little treat
    -Comes with supplies for any stickiness

    -Was sticky when first played with (not a big problem, just nit-picking)
    -When she opened it, it looked like it was already played with.

    Love it!

    Love this slime! Ordering more

    The best slime

    I bought this slime to help calm me down and it does just the trick! I would recommend the bye bye anxiety slime, it is my favorite thing that I own.

    Garlic Bread
    Lydia Carrico
    Amazing Garlic Bread Slime

    This slime was amazing. Arrived in only five days. Good accurate Garlic Bread scent. Totally recommended.

    The best ever!

    I’m so glad I got this slime! The smell was good, like slight strawberry and mostly graham cracker, but the texture, amazing! It was fun to have the crunch in the beginning then mixing it all together, I couldn’t put it down! I legit sat and played with it for almost 20 min without realizing while trying to see the rest of the slimes I ordered. Amazing slime would recommend to everyone!