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Pumpkin Cake Crunch
Ashley Beckerman

Pumpkin slimes are my favorite and this one did not disappoint. Great texture and the smell isn't overpowering. I only trust 2 slime companies for myself and my therapy clients and Slime Fantasties is one of them!

Mystery Slime
Sergey Yeremeyev
As expected

I bought 3 3oz slimes and ended up getting 2 gritty cloud cream brownie ones (which is not a problem on their end as it says you may get duplicates if ordering over 1) and my other slime was an ice pop scented blue icee slime from their summer collection im very happy with my purchase though I wish they sold it in an even smaller container too like a 1oz because then it would be perfect

Smells yummy!

Very nice scent! Soft, but thicker of an icee slime than I've had before. Overall happy with the purchase.

Pumpkin Cake Crunch
Eric Jankowski
Happy Wife Happy Life

Included this in the boo basket for my wife. She absolutely loved it…so much we bought two more.


this the most fizzy and crunchy slime ive had and it smells so nice and the scent isn't fading away even after i've played with it so many times

Japanese Cheesecake
Jerene Dildine

I can’t believe how soft this slime is!! And the smell. I can’t get enough of it. It’s like a lemon curd. It’s so yummy

Works well

It's hot where I live so I really needed this to decrease stickiness. Helped great! Came with mints too, thanks!

Nice Slime!

Smells amazing. Was lots of fun to mix in.

Smells so good!

It smells just like a fall dessert! I have never had a jelly cube slime before but it has such a fun texture and blends well with the rest of the slime.

Amazing quality slime. My go to and delivered fast

Rocket Ice Pop
Claudia Tangu
Super Satisfying

Feels amazing and love the colors

Pumpkin Cake Crunch
Haley Motley
Crunchy Crunch

I love this slime! It smells just like pumpkin bread and I love it!!! I love to stretch this out and squeeze out the crunch! Obsessed 🤩

Birthday Cupcake
Haley Motley
So Buttery!

Obsessed with this slime! The texture is so buttery and smooth! And the smell is to die for!!! I play with it every night before bed to relax ❤️


perfect scent perfect texture

Perfect slime

I love this slime!!! It smells just like it says. This slime is so soft and fluffy but there is some residue but it’s still an awesome slime….just couldn’t recommend it enough!!!

White Peach Fizz
Clio Cowgirl
Beautiful slime

Love this slime it’s sooo sizzly and the Color is perfect 🤩 love the texture. But the smell is not great when I first got it the smell of it was so strong ,it doesn’t smell anything like peaches and cream. Also there’s a bit of fallout. But overall it’s a great slime would definitely order again but in a bigger size.

It's ok

The texture could be better, maybe more beads. But the smell is too sour and kinda sickly, which maybe was the goal with "cheesecake", but I personally don't like the scent.


Great sounds, great texture, and wonderful fall themed smell. Love it!

Awesome slime

I loved everything about this slime.

Daughter loved it

My daughter is at the point where she wants only slime. According to her this is a great quality slime. She’s spent hours playing with it.

Best Slime Ever! <3

It's SOOO CUTE. Before adding the clay pig the base slime is soo goopy and fun to play with, but adding the clay piece makes it ultra soft and buttery. It can be quiet, but will make some nice bubble pops if you fold it just right. I agree with a previous review that the screws for eyes are an odd choice, but I tend to leave out any charms anyways. Overall, I couldn't be happier with this slime!

Soft! A bit strong though

I love love love the texture a lot, but the smell is a bit strong and I can only play with it a little bit before I get a headache, I'm a bit sensitive to strong perfume-y smells though

Very fun!!

I love the texture so much, incredibly fun to stretch and the smell isn't too strong! A bit hard to fit back into the container, but that's expected :)

Pumpkin Cake Crunch
Yamilex Cardiel
Awesome Crunches!

Very crunchy, has that pumpkin spice scent with a hint of vanilla. The sprinkles were so cute! It’s a bit sticky even after placing it in the fridge for an hour but still holdable and needs little borax from this heat.


Super great! It smelled AMAZING and was super crunchy. PACKED with snow and the add-ins really matched with the slime and there was a perfect amount! over all, 10/10 great slime!