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    Slime Fantasies has made thousands of people around the world happy by bringing beautiful slimes in their lives. Read what some of our customers have to say about our products!
    Based on 2565 reviews

    My daughter absolutely loved it and it smelled so good!!


    The slime smells amazing!! It has the most velvety smooth texture, super cute concept, and the layers looked beautiful when it arrived! 10 out 10 for sure!!

    Unicorn Bread (discontinued Version)

    This slime is super crunchy and sizzles a lot. The slime has a beautiful color and lost of fun sprinkled definitely recommend!

    Fruity pebbles crunch fizz

    I absolutely love it! The smell reminds me of my favorite kids cereal fruit loops


    I really wasn't sure what to expect with this slime. I was super weary about the whole garlic bread thing but omg did this girl NAIL it! not overbearing, not crazy garlicy. I could play with this for hours and the texture is amazing. This is the first time I've tried this slime shop and bravo! super happy customer <3


    Super crunchy and fun

    Great cloud slime

    Me and my sister both adore this slime.

    Best Slime

    The slime is so thick and smells soooooooooo good I would buy again

    Butter snow fizz

    Love this slime the smell is amazing and it is had so much sizzle slime fantasies is one of my fav slime shops and they make the best snow fizz slimes

    I Love The Slime!

    The slime smelled just like frosting on a cupcake!The texture is so nice! This slime is amazing,I totally recommend this slime.


    When I open the slime cap on the container,it smelled so good!it smelles like vanilla, Marshmallow type of scent.The texture felt so fluffy!Also it SO inflatable! Honeslty I really see that this is such an OG slime,thats lots of people like.I suggested buying this if anyone watching.


    I absolutely loved this slime! It gives great bubble pops and its soooo stretchy. I would recommend it 100 times over.


    This smelt amazing and the texture is so nice and sizzly!!

    super creamey

    Amazing slime should buy

    One of my Favs!

    I’ve been a huge fan of Slime Fantasies Butter snow Fizz, and the fried churro cheesecake has become one of my favorites! The texture is so fun to play with and the scent is delicious 😋!!! I’m always super satisfied with my slimes from Slime Fantasies, and this slime is just completely amazing.


    The slime was really good. It smelled so amazing and was super silky. The only things about it that could be improved were the oily texture you could feel when you first played with it, but it dissappeared after a while. Also, the slime deflates.


    This was the first time I’ve bought slime from slime fantasies and it was perfect! It has an amazing texture and smells sooo good!!


    I have anxiety myself, and weirdly enough this slime really helps calm me down. I didn't like the scent at first, although its really grown on me! When i smell it it just makes me remember relaxing times. Its very soft and spreadable. It came a little sticky although you get more than enough activator to fix it up! The shipping was incredibly fast (for inside the US). I would 100% recommend this to anyone who likes to fidget or just loves butter slimes.


    nice slime.

    Aromatherapy Anxiety slime

    Smells amazing, is soft, and well textured!!

    Initially the slime was very sticky (probably due to shipping) and my son didn’t want to touch it. After a little activator and mixing, he loved the slime! I liked the scent!

    It's like playing with dough

    Smells so good I wanna eat it🤭

    Bubble gum heaven

    I love this jelly and having it be bubble gum is PERFECT!!

    Loved it!

    Love this slime so much!


    It smells amazing and is great to use when anxious or stressed out