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    Slime Fantasies has made thousands of people around the world happy by bringing beautiful slimes in their lives. Read what some of our customers have to say about our products!
    Based on 3553 reviews
    Cutie Freeze
    stella dillon
    amazing smell

    it smelled exactly like orange, such an amazing smell!!! it was a soft and stretchy texture, jelly like. amazing texture as well

    Waikiki Beach
    stella dillon

    had an amazing smell and a great texture, it turned into a light minty color when mixed. it shrunk over time but that might have been my fault


    OMG this slime feels SO soft and a lot like a cloud the only reason why I'm giving it 3 stars is because it doesn't look like
    it does in the picture and it doesn't smell the like the beach but other wise if you
    don't mind the smell I totally recommend this!

    Halloween Slime Bundle
    Charlie Huynh
    Great Slimes with Good Scents!

    I really enjoyed the slimes! They smelled and feel really nice.

    Cookie Dough
    Summer Torske
    Fluffy and Delicious

    I love this slime !! Very fluffy and gooey feeling ! The scent is absolutely amazing , had to go buy some real cookie dough after the smelling the wonderful scent ! I love the little added crunchy pieces , did not hurt my hands at all and the chocolate chunks are such a fun added touch !

    Orange Creamsicle Dream

    Loved this product !! Was perfect crunch sound and wasn’t sticky at all!

    Good slime!

    Inflates a ton and has a really good smell. Also comes with another jar for inflation so that is also good :)

    Love how crunchy it is! Smells just like fruity pebbles

    Peach Kiss
    Cristina Rodriguez
    Amazing ☺️

    Its drizzles were amazing!!! The scent was amazing I wish it was stronger. It did have a little too much fallout for me. Other than that I would definitely recommend!

    It was great!

    I love the little crunchiness this “snow” gives, it has a great texture and great sound when you crunch it of course i love it it is a must buy!

    Garlic Bread
    Sierra Nocar
    I love it!!

    The texture is so nice it’s a very savory smell it smells exactly like garlic bread. After you play with it A while there is a little fall out. But overall amazing slime

    smells SO good

    OMG it smells soo good it's so crunchy and feels so good on your hands

    Pumpkin Guts
    Jamie Gainor
    i like it

    This slime does have fallout but thats because you need to knead it and then stretch it. After that, it feels really nice and makes really good swirls.


    I love the smell of this slime and the texture feels just right.


    a lot smaller than i thought,, but nice

    So So Good

    The perfect butter slime just melts your stress away

    Bomb texture

    It really was inflatable and i love the texture if it. Like how many bubble snaps it has too!

    Best smell in the worlddd

    Omg the smell and texture both are irresistible. So glad i got this one!! My favorite so far!

    Aromatherapy - Bye Bye Anxiety

    I love this slime it’s really relaxing and I love the sent thank you.

    Cool but a bit messy

    The slime is great but when I was playing with it I noticed that the slime was leaving bits of slime everywhere.

    Waikiki Beach
    Donald Matthews
    Awesome Product

    The Waikiki Beach slime provided hours of fun for my granddaughter. It was a great gift and I will continue to buy your products.

    Omg the best!

    This is probably the best slime I've ever purchased it smells exactly like fruity pebbles and it did come a little sticky but it was hot so i just put some of the activator it came with.

    Garlic Bread
    Chris Garcia
    Pretty good!

    This is a good slime i love the smell but if u dont like a overpowering smell then this is not for u but for me its perfect

    Garlic Bread
    Jamie Gainor

    Smells super yummy just like garlic and has a good texture! Recommend!

    Princess Bread
    Jamie Gainor
    Good, but, not good

    I hate giving slime Fantasies slimes bad reviews but this slime was just not it. The scent gave me a headache and was wayyyy to sweet. The texture wasn’t as described and got watery and wet just after one day. Hopefully, they can improve this slime in the meantime but it was ok.