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    Slime Fantasies has made thousands of people around the world happy by bringing beautiful slimes in their lives. Read what some of our customers have to say about our products!
    Based on 2079 reviews

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    Unicorn Bread (discontinued Version)
    Amazing slime!

    I can’t stop playing with this slime. The texture is amazing and you won’t want to put it down. It has a buttery feel when pressed together. When you pull it apart is has that snow fizz feel to it. This slime is full of sizzles too. And the smell is YUMMMY!

    Amazing slime

    I just got this slime and I cannot keep my hands off of it! Definitely recommend!

    Sugared Lemon Cupcake

    My daughter loves slime, and this one in particular! She plays with it all the time and she loves the scent and she described it as the “ best microfloam slime around! She also loves her other two purchases! She says your slime are her favorite!


    the texture is so nice and sizzly, and I love mixing it all together!

    Amazing scent!!!

    Literally the bomb

    Good slime

    It's good.

    Love it

    Love it so much I literally just ordered an 8oz...great texture...smells just like the real thing...You never disappoint 💜

    Unicorn Bread (discontinued Version)
    Fun slime

    This is a fun and textured slime to play with. Mixing it was the best part. Smell is realistic, light and yummy!

    So fizzy🤪🤪🤪

    This slime is scented just like Christmas cookies to me. It feels very crunchy and crispy in my hands. It’s holdable and moldable but still stretchy! I love the squishy foam pieces that represents the chocolate chips. So thick, too! I love this slime!😍

    Absolutely loved this slime

    I love the scent and the texture. Even though It came sightly mixed it was still amazing and inflated a ton.

    Super thick and glossy, holdable slime!!!! Smells like the name!

    Omg I can’t even say amazing this slime was when it arrived it was thick, glossy, and holdable it smelt so amazing and I definitely think that this slime is worth purchasing!

    So satisfying to play with love the smell 😊

    Awesome Slime

    Really crunchy and fun to play with.


    It is an amazing slime love the pops will definitely buy another


    This was so soft and it smelled so good I wanted to eat it😂😂😂


    This slime has an amazing texture that i have never felt before, the scent is amazing too! it smell just like a refreshing lavender lemonade and i highly recommend it!!! 💜🍋

    sugared lemon cupcake

    i am BLOWN AWAY! this slime is sooo good, the scent and texture are phenomenal!

    Great slime

    I love the texture. I was not a big fan of the scent but I’m glad I tried it but I’ll probably stick with one of their sweet scented slimes

    Sooo fluffy !!

    I am in LOVE with this texture ! So creamy , and fluffy and overall an AMAZING purchase .

    Marshmallow fluff

    SUPER INFLATABLE AMD SOFT. Totally recommend!!

    Great first time slime!

    Like I said, it’s a great first time slime. I got a butter slime with these foam beads and it looks like cookie dough, but smells like pumpkin or something 😂 it was and still is a little bit sticky. I’ve tried activator, but it only seems to work for a few minutes. I don’t want to over-activate it, so I’m just going to continue poking and smelling this fun slime! 🤗

    Fun Pretty Slime!

    Such a pretty slime, great fun to mix and love the buttery texture. Highly recommend all slimes from this great shop: they are so friendly and have great service. I'm always excited to see what they bring out next!


    This slime is amazing i love the texture and scent of this slime

    Best slime ever

    I recommend you buy this amazing product