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    Slime Fantasies has made thousands of people around the world happy by bringing beautiful slimes in their lives. Read what some of our customers have to say about our products!
    Based on 3799 reviews
    I love the variety

    This is a great sampler box if you new buyer and you’re not sure of what smells and texture you’ ll like. I love all their slimes in the store, but I now know what texture really like and I can buy a full size one.

    My first slime!

    This was my first experience purchasing a slime and now I want to buy more! This slime smells of cookie dough, the package itself smelled so yummy even before opening. I could play with this slime forever! I also received some activator in case the slime was needing it. Loved purchasing from a small woman owned business! This may be the first slime I own but it won’t be the last.

    Cookie Dough
    繁広 沢田


    Banana Cutie
    ava aragon

    i just received the banana cutie, and it's amazing! i'm really happy because it also came a day early! it came a tiny bit sticky because of the heat in texas, but there was a small activator that was just enough to fix it. it also leaves my hands very soft! i thought it was going to be too crunchy, to where it would be uncomfortable to play with, but it's the perfect amount of sizzle ad crunch! it produces amazing bubbles! the smell is amazing, and i love the charms! definitely going to be ordering more. overall, this is a great slime company! the slime prices are so worth it! if you're looking to shop here, i'm positive you'll have no regrets!!

    Waikiki Beach
    Kira Sleveland

    This was the kids favorite textured slime. I would definitely buy this again!

    Cutie Freeze
    Kira Sleveland

    The scent is fresh and not weird at all. The kids love it!

    Yellow slime

    It smell so good but most at all when you feel anxious it comes you down and give you :)

    Love them

    I didn't even know there were so many different textures of slime, so when I found this company I had no idea what to order... yay for the Sampler Set! I now have 4 favorite textures that I'll be ordering (maybe in different scents) the others that aren't my favorite are still really fun and I'll continue to use them till they die lol. I'm mostly happy that I got to try all the different kinds of slime you see on like insta and snap!

    Great Smell

    This slime was a pretty color and the sprinkles made it even cuter! It was pretty sticky, so I’m glad it came with activator. It smells awesome!

    Peach Kiss
    Nice Texture

    I loved the look of this slime and the texture. The drizzle was awesome too! It is a pretty color, but I’m not crazy about the scent. I think it’s the cream part of the scent I didn’t care for. If it was just peaches, I would like it. It did have some fallout and came a little late. Overall, a good slime.

    Birthday Cupcake
    Mariah Gonzales

    I got this slime for my sisters birthday and she loved it. It is great quality and the scent was totally on point. This was our first order and we will definitely be ordering here again!!!

    First Time Buyer

    This was my first time buying slime, and it was overall a not bad experience! The sale itself was fine and easy but I have a few criticisms about the slime.
    The smell was good but wore off FAST. Not even an hour after play.
    The texture is fine, but way too firm to even stretch at times. It can spread but its just a workout to even play with. I will do some adjusting definitely.
    Theres no fallout at all, so that's good too. Overall not too bad for a first time.


    Got this one and the Hot Cocoa and I LOVE THEM. They are both the same texture but such different experiences. I don’t know what the heck is up with this Waikiki beach slime but the scent is AMAZING I was literally huffing it… also the end result became a perfect aquamarine color (my favorite) and I freakin love it.. great job on this slime.


    I LOVEDDDDDD ITTT! I ordered this and the Waikiki Beach and I am in love. I got the 9oz. Smells like hot chocolate and is very velvety. Bought it on a random whim and I am so glad I did. I said screw it and bought myself some slime because I’ve always loved it and I just bought it. Oh and I saw the video on itsKristiii’s YouTube


    Even my slime-averse partner played with this one. He kept smelling it, too. Very pleasant.

    Cutie Freeze
    Julie C
    Smells just like tangerine

    Scented slimes often bother me, but this one smells amaaaazingly fresh and realistic. The texture is unexpectedly silky smooth, it is so nice!


    I turned a free sample slime from another company into a crunchtastic snow fizz!

    Perfect Pink

    It stretches amazingly and smells divine! I’m a first time slimmer and I could be happier. Perfect balance of crunch and slime

    Slime Sampler Set
    Alisa Peterson
    Great gift

    I bought this for my sister for Christmas as we both love slime and it was amazing! The scents were great and all the textures were really fun! It also held up really well since i had to wait to give it to her but i did store it in a cold place! Overall 10/10 will definitely buy from her again!


    I got this one for my daughter, for Christmas, and OMG it smells amazing!!! I love that it inflates and just fun to play with. I totally made her give me a small container of it, because I loved it so much!! Lol!!

    Easy gift idea

    Got the matcha swirl. Not my favorite scent but made a nice, easy gift for a friend.

    Sooo good

    It’s like a semi cloud slime. It’s amazing. Smells like vacation.

    Peach Kiss
    Love it

    So perfect and such a dreamy consistency. Smells lovely. I would 10% recommend this one to everyone, it’s me absolute favorite slime.


    BUY IT!! I love the smell 🥰 and the consistency is just amazing 🤩 🤩 😻!! I couldnt be happier!!! Love this shop!! Customer service is good too!!

    I really like it!!

    I love the consistency, and the smell is okay. ❤️ 🥰 i really like it! I’ve purchased from lots of diffrent slime shops, ans this one is my favorite!! The customer service is really good too!!