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    Slime Fantasies has made thousands of people around the world happy by bringing beautiful slimes in their lives. Read what some of our customers have to say about our products!
    Based on 4989 reviews
    Blueberry Cake Crunch
    Althea Miramontez

    This slime was a bit on the stickier side but it's still so fun to play with. I love the crunch texture and the scent is yummy!

    Waikiki Beach
    Althea Miramontez
    Fun to mix

    The layers of slime were so fun to mix another smooth textured slime. It's like spun sugar when you pull it. The scent takes you on a tropical escape! Love this slime

    Cucumber Melon Freeze
    Althea Miramontez
    Amazing scent

    I love the smooth texture and the scent is amazing! I can play with this all day!


    Crunch is perfect and the scent is so relaxing definitely recommend!

    great exept...

    this was great fun to mix it smells great but i've had it for a month and its going hard

    Blackberry Cheesecake
    Nicole Motsch
    Delicious and usable

    This smells sublime, sounds so calming, and feels just the right balance of creamy and textured!

    Get this stuff!

    So worth the money. Improves every slime it touches with texture and sound.


    This is my first snow fizz slime, I am not sure exactly what I was expecting, maybe softer like cake? It is amazing! It is so crackly and sizzly and fun. It smells like blueberry muffins straight out of the oven. The color is much richer in person than in pictures. Mine had mixed some in transit, but it was a warm day. All in all, really fun unexpected slime.


    The fragrance for this slime is absolute perfection! There is zero chemical or glue smell at all. It is 100% Blackberry Cheesecake fragrance and will leave you craving it. Mixing it together is ridiculously fun! Highly recommend

    Pink Sands Beach
    Stephanie Dobson
    Great slime

    My daughter loved this slime. It is great.


    Best smelling slime in my box and came with wayyy more product then I expected. Super cute and fun to assemble. Definitely worth it

    Candy Shop
    Julie Wong
    Best Bubble Gum Slime

    I love this slime. It smells exactly like bubble gum and is the color is hot pink. It came exactly like the description.. very glossy which we like.


    The texture, mixing, and color are all excellent! This feels very nice and is fun to play with. My only critique is that the scent is more like a tropical cheap perfume than suntan lotion, and it's a little bit too strong to play with for a long time. Overall it is nice, however.

    Pink Sands Beach
    Slime Lady
    Beautiful Slime

    I was on the fence about purchasing this slime because of the suntan lotion scent. I'm so happy I did! To me, it smells like a beautiful floral designer perfume. Mixing all three type slimes together was really nice and it came out to be a lovely light purple color. The little yellow bits give the slime a nice added texture. Slime Fantasies cloud creme slimes have such a soft, creamy, stretchy, satisfying texture. Playing with this slime makes me want to go to the Bahamas and experience the pink sands for myself.

    Strawberry Heaven 🍓

    When you need a butter slime with some texture, this is it! It's soft and stretchy. It pops and snaps. It smells like sweet strawberry heaven.


    My new favorite slime! I got the regular-sized DIY kit and when all mixed together it turns into a delicious buttery slime that smells super yummy. Fun to put together, relaxing to play with, very stretchy, and makes nice pops and snaps.


    This slime is my absolute favorite from their shop! Super crunchy and amazing ASMR

    Great slime

    Very soft and fluffy! Smells like peanut butter!

    Lemonaide Freeze

    I got this since messing with slime or kinetic sand tends to help me chill out sometimes. It smells great, and has a nice texture.


    I have purchased multiple slimes from this shop and have loved them all until this one. IMO it is not a cloud slime but is a micro dough. Supposed to smell like peaches 'n' cream. I smell cream but no peach at all.

    Love the smell and texture! Wish it had more mango pieces

    The texture of this slime is one of my favorites, and the addition of the mango topping is awesome— so awesome that I just wish it had more of the little mango cubes. Mine only came with 5 and one of them was broken and smushed. It was still fun to mix in and pop, but I’ve gotten a couple other slimes with the fruits cubes from other places and they just come with more. If this one came with more, it would make a great product excellent. I still loved the texture at the end and look forward to playing with it again!

    My favorite so far!

    I was so impressed with this slime! Aesthetically, it really looked like one of those jar cakes that are trending right now. And the addition of the crumb sprinkles that you can add on top was.. well.. the icing on the cake! It’s truly a beautifully aesthetic slime and the crunch texture is my FAVORITE. So sizzley and satisfying and CRUNCHY.

    I did notice one thing, which wasn’t a huge deal at all, but the icing on top was like a rose pink color instead of the white in the pictured product. Again, not a huge deal for me. My order did take an extra week to arrive (because of issues with USPS, not the company) so I wonder if maybe that’s why some of my slimes looked different or more mixed than what is pictured since they probably got jostled around a lot and stayed in the heat for a bit.

    Fun but I was hoping to mix more

    I was expecting a little more of a layered look, but mine came already mixed around quite a bit. Not fully! But I was just a little disappointed I didn’t get to mix in the foam bubbles and the colors of white and purple myself. It’s still a nice and satisfying texture though. I like the foam bubbles a lot! The smell is identical to the Raspberry Crunch Cake as well so not really like blackberries, but it does smell quite pleasant and fruity.

    Mexican Horchata
    Kiara Zapata
    Smells so real!

    This slime smells exactly like the horchata I know and love! Most other horchata scented things really just smell like cinnamon, which is great, but what set this apart is that they NAILED that rice smell that comes through in real horchata. I’m so happy with the way it smells. It made me crave the real thing! The slime was pretty sticky at first, but once everything got mixed around, and with the help of the activator spray, it was a wonderful smooth, slick, and drizzley slime. So shiny and lots of fun bubble pops and sounds.

    Pink Sands Beach
    Kiara Zapata
    Very fun to mix!

    I loved this slime. The color combination is so dreamy and fun and it was very satisfying to mix together. It was a wonderful, creamy and smooth texture once everything combined. It was a nice light light pink at the end. I do wish the blue showed just a tiny bit more to make it a little more purple. But it’s a beautiful color either way!