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Unicorn Ice Cream
Allison Hoelzer
Love cotton candy

My daughter was so excited to receive this. She loves the little unicorn as well as the scent!

Wish I could eat it!

This was so fun to put together and my girls love the scent!

The smell..

This was my first time ordering from this slime business so maybe it’s my fault but the smell was really.. extreme? Even after playing with it and washing my hands the smell lingered for so long and was driving me crazy! I thought it was gonna be a light scent. Also the crisps in it was really minimal :/

Great texture and smell!

I love playing with this one! The scent and texture are wonderful, I'll be coming back to it often.

Strong scent and a little firm

It's good when needing something to be strong on the senses and if you have time to work out your hands pulling and playing with it!

So fun!

Loved this slime so muchh that I bought another one! It was great texture and smell. Very unique

The scent is amazing

This smells so refreshing! I love citrus a lot and this nails it, given it's essential oils!

My mixture of colors didn't turn out as rich a pink as the example, but I understand that, just keep it in mind. It is a little smaller from this shop than the average 7 oz but I didn't miss the other two oz at all! Still a good amount to play with :)

Not many apple chunks

Smells nice, but not strong or distinct apple pie for me or my sister. Still a pleasant scent, but could be better. The 1oz add on of apple 'compote' for me was only three apple chunks and a 3/4 full container. Extremely disappointed with that, because the literal pictures showed what the slime should have been, and that's not at all what you'll get in the end after mixing. It did however teach me I love jelly cubes in slime! Which made it even more sad there were only 3 to squish. Final slime is a light tan, with barely any color change from the add in. If you want your slime to be exactly as advertised.... Find a different one 🤷‍♀️


I got the robins egg slime and it’s perfect. I never bought slime really and I always wanted to try butter slime and it’s eggsactly like I thought it be and it smells awesome. The texture is perfect I definitely got myself a new addiction

If summer had a smell!

This reminds me of fresh mown grass and a warm summer rain shower. The texture is 10/10 as always! It even has little green crumbles on the top that look like grass!

Great texture

The texture of this one is great...nice and stretchy and so soft. Unfortunately, it smells identical to the Marshmallow slime though. None of us can smell any orange at all. Texture 10/10, Fragrance 2/10, Stretchability 10/10. 👍

A Great Dense Butter Slime

This one has multiple scents all at once and it definitely makes up for a relaxing aromatherapy scent overall. Highly recommend this one.


smells just like apple pie. I recommend this! although I wish it had more apple cubes and jelly slime to add on top!


Like all the other SF slimes I’ve purchased, the scent never lets me down. The texture is so satisfying and it smells so good.

Strong scent, OK texture

After popping the cubes, the sponge does not integrate nicely into the gluey slime texture. Even before that, there are issues. The smell is more of a tangy maraschino cherry than a warm, sweet birthday cake, and the texture is not thick and glossy but rather just sticky and murky. Felt like I was playing with wood glue mixed with activator, some cheap sponge material and a dollar tree essential oil concentrate. Disappointing, as are most of the slimes I purchased from Slime Fantasies.


Amazing slime, both parts. Smells yummy, not too strong, a little chemical/ soapy and a TON of residue but if you want a nice drizzly cloud slime those are a given. Fun to play with before and after mixing

Good slime, bad clay

I recommend not mixing the clay piece with the slime because the clay piece smells like burnt cocoa nibs that overpowers everything and the slime is the most delicious cookies and cream texture and smell I’ve ever encountered, slime or otherwise. I wish I had listened to my soul and saved all of the cookies and cream slime, instead I only saved a little bit and will have to survive on little whiffs of yum, but it’s still worth it. I didn’t like 90% of the slimes I purchased from slime fantasies, but if they had tried to offer a modicum of customer service, this slime would have left me a happy customer. Unfortunately their customer service is sorely lacking. Do not recommend trying to communicate with Skyler

Does NOT match videos/ pictures

The scent and texture are terrible, to begin with. Smells like expired milk and there’s not enough floam or texture to inflate, without having to aggressively mix the slime for 15+ min. But on top of that, the item is not as depicted in the Instagram video that is hyperlinked to their item page on the website. Please click the video in the description and you will see a jelly layer on the bottom of the slime that is not included in the current slime. They told me that the bright red clear slime “migrated” from the top of the container, where it was mixed with floam, to the bottom of the container, to perfectly congeal into a clear layer, without leaving any residue in the cream cheesecake slime that forms the middle layer. Not sure how that’s even physically possible, but if it is, that means the slime I received would have had to have been sitting in its container for weeks, at least. Not really sure why they would advertise it as such if it was basically impossible to receive that product. I have attached photos of the email exchange to provide evidence that I am not exaggerating, as often negative reviews can. I am just sorely disappointed to have spent my money and time on a company that delivers irregular products and has nothing to say when the customer is unsatisfied.

Mystery Slime
It’s just what they can’t sell

Super disappointed after reading the reviews and the item description to receive a backstock clay slime without the clay piece. Terrible scent and texture, “Eleven’s short stack” is what I received with no waffle piece to mix in. I’d like to assume that with the clay piece, the texture and smell are better but unfortunately I have no way of knowing. I thought this mystery slime item, like other mystery slimes like shops from Obsidian, Peachybbies etc. would be a high quality, ENJOYABLE product at a lower cost point. Instead, it’s just a clearance option for previous slime drops that weren’t successful. And *please* beware, you may end up getting a slime that’s incomplete. I also reached out to the company and after a week of exchanging emails, they weren’t able to offer me anything whatsoever after spending nearly $100 on their products to only like 1/5 of what I received. The other slime shop I had a problem with, who I will not name, immediately refunded me the cost of the item I didn’t like and gave me a 20% code for future orders. Guess which company I’m still a happy customer of? Extremely disappointed thus far. Also have had issues with the descriptions and linked videos not matching the received item, without any refund. Bad customer service and a poor product.

First Time Purchase

This was my very first time buying slime in general, and I'm pretty happy with my purchase! This one smells great - not too strong or overpowering. It has a nice consistency, but it did get a little sticky the next day (which I can quickly fix with the activator they provided for free).

Fresh Baked Cookies

The scent of the cookie dipping into the milk was just so yummy and satisfying.

Mango Papaya Smoothie
Ashley Hampton
Smooth Slime!

This slime is super soft and thick! I love the smell. Not overbearing but you can tell what it is! Great choice!

Waikiki Beach
Nicole Julson
Waikiki Beach Slime

My daughter was so surprised when she got her slime. She loved the smell of it so much and was impressed by the amount you get. We will order again. Amazon slimes will not be ordered again in this house. Thank you for the amazing slime!

Great slime

I love the scent and texture of this slime!

Best Slime that replicates delicious fruity cereal

This slime reminded me of eating fruity pebbles in the morning and it’s also a relaxing slime to play with. It also has the best crunches and I do highly recommend this one. :)