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Smells yummy

Slime came super fast and SMELLS Heavenly. It doesn’t look like the picture but it is still amazing either way. Glad there’s a warning label because oh boy is the smell temping.

Gift for funsies

I got this as a gift for my fiancé because of his love for fruity pebbles and he absolutely loves the texture and smell. This is definitely one of our favorites.

Love ❤️

I love everything about this slime! The texture is fun and the scent makes me want to eat it (but don't do that). I can't wait to continue growing my Slime Fantasies collection

I bought this previously and this is my second purchase. It should give you an idea of how much I love this slime.

Amazing to play with!

It's so good and I love the texture and crunches. It's very strongly scented vanilla/cinnamon which is really good; my only complaint is that I wish there was an apple scent or a stronger apple scent. But it's still amazing and this textured slime is my new favorite!

Really good!

Scent, color, texture everything is amazing.
The only issue is that the color was too strong, and it stains my hands when I play with it. But other than that, it's amazing.
Especially love the scent!

Love these slimes! Scent is like mint ice cream, and the texture is smooth and calming to play with.

Blueberry Cake Crunch
Lindsey Zahner

This was my second purchase of slimes for my daughter. She has 4 now. This blueberry is one of her favorites!! The texture and scent are great.

amazing slime

i love having discount slime, and i'm not unsatisfied at all with my purchases! i'll definitely continue to buy these lovely slimes.

Marshmallow Fluff
Hannah Brophy

this slime is awesome and inflated a lot when played with!! great job!


Its really crispy. Smells fantastic.

First slime ever and I like it!

I had never bought slime before so this is an honest review. I really do like this floam slime I ordered! The scent smelled pretty much like blackberry cheesecake! It is really sweet but I can smell a hint of berry in there. I really like to use it when I need to focus on something or I’m stressed. The only couple of things I wished it had is more floam beads :( I love playing with floam and I thought it was going to have a little bit more in it than it already has. It was also really sticky when I first received it :( idk if it was because it was too hot or what but I had to use several activator drops in it to make it more useable. It does blend into a very pretty light berry pink color when it’s all mixed together though!

Birthday Cupcake
Araceli A.
Out of the oven

This smells amazingly delicious. Fluffy and soft
We would need a subscription of these slimes, they consistently have the absolute perfect performance while stretching every time. Love the vibrant colors and always spot on with the scent.


The feel of this slime is super creamy and smooth. The smell is quite delicious while not too strong or light. The color is just as deep and beautiful in person. I really love this slime. The only thing is it did stain my table a little but that's to expected with such a deep color.

My nephews LOVED THIS

I purchased 4 of these, one for each of my nephews. They had a blast building their pizza slimes! And they had even more fun squishing the pizza together! It smells just like pizza!

It's love

Sweet Sticky Rice and Mango is as good as the real thing. The smell is amazing and the texture even better! Love it!

Awesome Slime!

Smells delicious!! This slime is awesome and has really helped me when i'm feeling anxious and need to refocus. Great texture and the sizzle and pops are perfection!

The best slime I've touched in ages!

I highly recommend buying this slime because I got it today in the mail and when I opened it there was a nice thank you card, recipet, and the slime/slime addons. I played with the slime and I was shocked on how delicious is smelled (DO NOT EAT IT!) And how amazing it felt. I will definitely get more slime from soon. If this slime is on your list get it now 🐸🧫
One thing was that the golden slime separately was a bit sticky but other then that AMAZING!

Mystery Slime
loved my slime

it was a quality slime that Im guessing was anither from their shop only problem is I cant find it on their store

amazing slimes

great quality smells AMAZING love the sizzling sounds overall bomb dot com


I bought marshmallow fluff and decided to get a mystery slime 9 Oz I have bought birthday cupcake a year prior and I have to say I'm never disappointed by this slime brand. Love the butter slime texture not a huge fan of the scent but the loveliness was overlooked

Mango Papaya Smoothie
Jill Grasmick
Teen wanted this one because it pops

Makes sounds and she wanted it for that. She loves it.

Great slime, but after 2 weeks, it is quite stiff.

When I got the slime, I loved it, it smelled amazing, it stretched amazingly, and had GREAT bubble pops. It is a great slime, though, after 2 weeks it's gotten quite stiff and the mint and chocolate chips fall A LOT, I even had to remove them because of how they fell so much, I've been trying to solve it, but nothing had helped hasn't helped, sometimes I have even worsened it. Still giving it 5 stars because I really like it and I'll purchase from here again.


One of the first slimes I ordered. The texture was flawless and the scent was light. Overall a very good slime and I would buy again.

100% honest review about this slime

OK so where do I begin ???? Firstly, this slime arrived at my house perfectly packed, not one flaw in sight. The slime itself was a beautiful colour, smells exactly like the best aromas of horchata ! It was quite sticky though... used some activator and it sticked less but still glued on to me a little bit. Nonetheless, loved it ! Slime fantasies, you are so amazing ! I love your slimes soooo much :D