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    Slime Fantasies has made thousands of people around the world happy by bringing beautiful slimes in their lives. Read what some of our customers have to say about our products!
    Based on 1391 reviews
    Love it!!

    Great slime, fast delivery!!

    Worked as advertised

    Bought for my niece and she said it’s been a good add-on to the slime I bought her. Very satisfied.

    Lil' Fluffy Bunny Tail

    This was such a great slime!!! It has such a great scent and goes perfectly with the Easter vibe! Definitely worth it!😄

    the best i’ve ever had!

    this slime is a must have! i haven’t put it down since i got it. only wish there was a bigger size to purchase! can’t wait to buy more.

    Delicious Slime

    This slime is absolutely awesome and smells so delicious. It looks and smells spot on to garlic bread! The texture after mixed is so much like garlic bread! I am in love with this slime and it is my new favorite! I can not wait to order more savory slimes from you


    Smells just like pizza dough! I think Tina and her crew is so cautious at everything they do! The slimes, package were so cute! Definitely one of my favorite slime shops!

    Orange Cinnamon Cheesecake

    Very good

    Chicken and waffles

    Awesome slime! Great texture!!

    Love Love Love

    So creamy and crunchy love love love


    I loveee this slimeeee smells sooo goood but smell is slightly off

    LOVE IT!

    I’m OBSESSED with this slime. I’m ALWAYS playing with it. It’s got amazing bubble pops and the smell is AMAZING! Slime fantasies is my favorite slime shop!!!

    Its amazing!

    The gloss omg and it makes great bubble pops, when you let it sit for a little bit it forms bubbles at the tops it sounds sooooo good

    Love this slime!!

    I got this slime a couple of weeks ago. I really love it. It has a really nice texture and it’s really fun to play with. I didn’t like how much residue it left on my hands. I also didn’t like how to colors all mixed together quickly. It makes a nice lavender at the end. The last thing I didn’t like was that the slime stuck to the charm and dried up. This was only a little bit of slime though. For these reasons I think this slime deserves 4 stars.

    I so wish I got a 8oz of this. 4oz just isn’t enough! I love the scent given that Oreos don’t have the strongest sent they nailed it!! It was a super thick,glossy and stretchy. I love this slime so much💕❤️👌🏻


    I loved the texture of the amazingly scented slime my grandma sent me it for my birthday and I loved it so much

    Smells amazing!!

    This slime is sooo crunchy and smells amazing!! I love it

    Wonderful lemon slime!!

    My sister and I ordered this slime as well as several others and were so pleased with everything! Quick delivery, beautiful slime, and overall a great shop! :)

    Best Slime Evvvaaa

    My daughter was SO happy to get all of these slimes for her birthday! :)

    Once Upon a Slime

    If you want good slime buy this

    This slime is great 👍 I'm in love with it I really want more.but it's more of a cloud slime then butter

    Awesome product

    My daughter loved this product!!!

    My favourite slime shop!

    All of her slimes never disappoints! My absolute favourite slime shop! Can’t wait to order more!

    Frozen Pineapple
    Smells amazing!

    Perfect crunch

    It’s ok

    It’s amazing but the sprinkles came off 😔😣😢😭