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I wasn’t too crazy over the smell and the texture seemed dryer than the other sand one I have, but not bad and the charm I got was nice. Just a little disappointing but still good

Smells soooo good and feels so nice with a smooth crunchy texture!

They were really great with customer service, and when I did get it it was one of my favorites with a great smell and smooth feel when mixed!

The smell is on point and the texture is awesome! I really love playing with it with and without the shovel!

I loved the one I got, it was the chocolate chip cookie and it felt and smelt amazing!

Nicely colored, fun to poke and get a lot of great bubble pops!

Happy with it, smells nice and fruity with a great texture

Loved it! Great base and fun to mix! I play with it almost daily and the scent is nice too. One of my favorite parts is after mixing it having it settle back to how it was in the beginning


A different texture than what I’m used to, but I loved it!!

Smell and texture are phenomenal and exactly what I was expecting!!

Some fallout with the rocks but it makes up for it in the smell department. I also loveee the little fish, adorable ❤️

The smell is amazing, usually coffee smells can be a lot but this one smells delicious

Will purchase again I loved the consistency of this slime!

Succulent Blossom
Alice Alexander
Amazing Slime

This is the first time I have bought an icee slime. It is soft, pretty smooth, and fun to play with. I plan on buying more of this type of slime in the future.

Fantastic Experience

I have bought several slimes from Slime Fantasies in the past and I decided I wanted to try a new kind of slime. One of my best friends and I were talking about gravel slimes one night and I thought it would be fun to try. I bought this slime and is so fun to play with. The stones actually don't hurt my hands at all while playing with this slime and they actually add a nice texture to the slime. I am definitely gonna try more gravel slimes in the future.

best slime shop ever!

all of these reveiws are correct best shop ever.

The smell is great and the texture is wonderful. I love crunching the gravel base and playing with it til the entire slime is foamy and needs a second container.

My favorite slime

Of about 50 slimes this one is my favorite. It has the consistency of gritty gooey mud. And the smell is divine. Smells just like being in the garden with my fingers in the dirt. I love pushing the shovel into the slime and listening to the sounds

Sleepy Baby Axolotl
Elizabeth S.
Excellent texture in particular

This was a gift for a friend. She spent over half an hour playing with it and getting the cloud to drizzle just so -- much better than I've ever managed, LOL! The scent was very slightly on the artificial side but easily recognizable as strawberry lemonade. All in all a great purchase and I'll be getting one of the newer icee cloud slimes for myself.

Also my first snow fizz, I bought two together and I love the smell for this one. Very real and not strong. I loved being able to add the cubes and it made the fizz slime less sticky and more stretchy!

Very Crunchy

This was my first snowfizz slime and it's very crunchy, I also like that it's lightly scented. It does stick but that's ok since I wash my hands after playing with slime anyway. It's very nice!

THE SMELLL! And texture is 10/10

LOOOVE the scents in this collection the Cleopatra royal bath had my whole heart and is the reason I've been back to make 3 orders this month!~ None have disappointed!

Smells really good and came with a fizzy candy yum

Perfect for extra slime or to split an inflating slime with your kid.