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This slime was so pretty, yet when it's mixed together it was almost an off white which was crazy. The texture was amazing and lasted a long time. Scent was strong, but I didn't mind the sunscreen scent. Highly recommend their slimes.

Pink Lychee

So unique with the white glue jelly cubes. Loved the scent and how when you are done with the jelly cubes it only slightly changes the textures. Great slime.


This slime was so drizzly and even reminded me of sand with the smell and texture. It did dry up faster than I hoped for, but that id not unusual for cloud slimes. Especially when you play with them alot like I did.

So fun to play with! I love it💜

Snowy Ice Skating Day
Brianne Hockman
Satisfying :)

Smells light and fresh and very satisfying to play with! I have sensitive hands and it’s perfectly soft.

Pine tree scent, nice texture, sizzly 😍

I absolutely love this slime! It smells like minty pinesol and it’s sooo sizzly. Very nice

I love them both💜

Adorable and perfect!

Works perfect!!! Candy piece was so goodd

Love it :))

It was the perfect tiny amount. It's a little sample to let me know of I want to buy the larger version. It's not enough to get a full slime experience but enough to see what the slime is like. The smell. It's consistentcy and if I like the fell.

Mystery Slime

I got the best slime. I was able to mix the clouds slime. It was like ice and snow and I love it. It was the slime that has the polar bear that is still on their shop. Awesome slime that I got.

Mystery Slime
So fun!

It was fun choosing a mystery slime! Im so happy with my purchase!


Its so soft and smells amazing! You can even fluff it and drizzle a little ahhhh


I absolutely LOVED the slimes I purchased. They were soooo aesthetic!! Thank you

Fun theme!

Super funny theme! Great texture! The smell is amazing!!

So good!

Very scrunchy and I love the texture! Very satisfying. Kinda like sand


Got this just in case and glad I did. Great to have extra activator just incase. Thanks to this little set I have discovered my new favorite candy that came with it. Thank you

Cottage core

Got this slime because it gave me cottage core vibes. When it arrived and I unpacked it, I fell in love. The scent reminds me of freshly cut grass and the charms are so cute. Texture is great and cruchy. I appreciate the detail and creativity of this slime. Also, the candy thay came with it was so delicious. Honestly can't wait to purchase more kinds of slime from this company. Thank you!!!

My favorite

I got this slime for my daughter because of the cute cat charm. My whole family loves this. The smell mixed with the text of the slime is exactly like snuggling in a warm, soft blanket!!

It deflated to half its size, and it super hard to stretch
after one day even though I only played with it twice with clean hands and a clean surface , I tried to contact them , twice but nobody responded ! Hope yall can help !

Waikiki Beach
Kinley Rainwater

Slime is very buttery and scent is strong and amazing!

Baby Axolotl's First Date
Kinley Rainwater

Only complaint is that I wish the scent was a little bit stronger but great otherwise!