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    Slime Fantasies has made thousands of people around the world happy by bringing beautiful slimes in their lives. Read what some of our customers have to say about our products!
    Based on 1951 reviews
    Love it!💜

    It’s smell so good 😊 and it have a great texture too I’am definitely going to order from this company again! ❤️


    I love the feel of snow fizz! Should get bigger size next time.


    I love this slime so much it is amazing.


    This is an amazing product. It works great. I would totally recommend this.

    Awesome jelly texture

    The texture is fun to play with.

    Cloud slime

    Amazing drizzle!

    Best slime ive tried so far!

    As my title says this is the best smelling slime ive gotten from here im absolutely in love!! Thanks so much 🥰


    very good . this is the most exiting slime I have ever purchased .


    very good

    Smells so good!

    Love this butter slime!


    So the inflation of this slime was so wild! I loved the texture and it was so fun to use, the only issue was the smell, it has a strong scent and it was trying to be a mix of coconut and rose but it didn’t really suit it well. The smell is the only thing that makes me put the slime away but besides that it is amazing!!!!

    Awesome 👏🏻

    It is a great texture and the smell is good

    By far my fav jelly slime ever

    I know this is more of a hybrid but omg is this slime amazing . It smells EXACTLY like orange juice , my mother loves it and it even looks like very pulp filled orange juice . I love it so much .

    Interesting texture , unique !

    Smells great , and the texture is VERY interesting to me . It’s not rough to me , but it has a very cool almost mix of kinectic sand , slime , and just a very cool crunchy feeling . Very good for asmr , may arrive “sticky” in a sense it gets stuck to everything but not melted , but just add some activator and its perfect !

    Lovely scent and playability

    My boyfriend loves this slime and the attached squishy . It smells wonderful , very smooth , buttery texture and also overall fantastic . The squishy included is also very nice and doesnt have a bad smell to it ! Not a cheapo squishy , very nice quality .

    Amaizng ! Smells like Frakenberry too !

    This slime gave me some major nostalgia ! It is super fun to play with , soft , mixes to a beautiful purple and smells amazing ! It smells exactly like the Frakenberry cereal that comes out during Halloween !


    The texture is sooo nice and the smell is just the best I have tried.

    Ended up being my favorite!

    I ordered the mystery slime and blackberry cheesecake. The mystery slime ended up being my favorite! It's a glossy, thick, stretchy texture with a peachy color that smells like a perfume-y creamy mango. Nice and clicky.

    this slime is good

    the slime is not the best slime I’ve ever played with but it’s good. The butter texture is amazing, but when you mix the snow fizz it gets tougher when you play with it over time. However, the smell of this slime is so good and it is still a good slime


    This slime is AMAZING!!!! It changed my life. It smells just like mint Oreo ice cream. It’s squishy and stretchy and you can poke it satisfyingly. Loved it!

    Bought this for my best friend and..

    My best friend and I live in separate states we both work so freaking much and never have time for each other I know she stresses a lot and on her birthday I purchase a heck ton of slime to be delivered to her place, she received everything in 4 short days despite it being sent all the way from Cali to North Carolina. She said this one is her most favorite it smells amazing and she didn’t even want to play with it because it smelt so good. Everything came perfectly and I am so glad to have chosen such an amazing and professional slime shop!

    Garlic Bread

    I knew this slime would smell good due to the amount it was raved about. I’ve never had a smell that smells so incredibly realistic. I once was playing with it and was asked if I actually had garlic bread in the oven!! So totally looking forward to delving more into the Slime Fantasies slime collection. Not just for the amazing scents but for the great variety of textures as well! Very impressed!! 10/10 would recommended! I don’t see anyone being disappointed unless they are vampires and despise garlic.

    the crunchiest

    its just like the garlic bread scent minus the bread, its perfect. love the texture and i bought extra "fake herb(green) topping", like the green in garlic bread and it really brings some fun color into this slime

    Soooooo realistic :)))

    The slime garlic bread was so amazing!! The texture was so fun to mix and the final product was inflating smooth buttery and just flawless! The scent is a huge part of this slime and it is so realistic! If you like savory scents you will really enjoy it. Personally it was a bit much for me but besides that i loves this slime!!:)