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The Best Slime!!! Smells great and fun to play with.

Cookie Dough
Brianna Watson

Great slime love it, only thing was it smells more like a strong coffee but other than that everything else is amazing

Great texture, terrible smell

I love the texture of this slime even if there's not a lot of floam beads. It's soft and very clay heavy but I can't stand the scent. It reminds me of cheap ejuice and has this fake butter scent that is pretty unbearable. I can't really even get myself to play with it because of the scent.


Gave this to my mom as an early Christmas present and she literally will not stop playing with it. 5/5 definitely recommend :)

Smells fantastic, amazing consistency!

I love this scent so much. It's not too strong or too light. The texture is amazing too, it's probably the best snow fizz slime I've ever tried!

Really good!

I love the texture,The Scent, The color everything only it came a little too sticky but I added some activator and it made it better You Should TOTALLY Buy This Slime

Ok but not what I was expecting

The slime came with everything but when I opened the slime it just became sticky I added activator and it was a little bit less sticky but still sticky. I love the smell it’s good

Amazing slime!

This slime was my favorite! The smell is sooo good but the textures were absolutely amazing! Love hearing the crunch!

Waikiki Beach
Jessica C.
Love it!!

The colors on this slime are amazing! This slime was so much fun!

Amazing Slime!

I really liked this slime! It was very fluffy and airy. The smell was very accurate. It is a holdable slime, that is great for beginners. It was not sticky at all, even after sitting in the package in the sun for 4 hours! It was quite inflating at first, but did start deflating after about a week and I could not puff it up as much as I could before. You can keep it in good shape, just follow all the procedures!

One of my favorites

Great scent but not too strong, and great texture. One of those products that makes me want to place another order!

Waffle Slime

This is hands down the best slime ever!

Crunchy Cookies

Smells just like oreos and delightfully crunchy

Cola Gummy Freeze
Alla Yeremeyev
Like a cola gummy slimeified

I loved the slime. It's texture is great and it has a color just like cola. It's a really soft and slightly wet icee slime. The smell of this one is perfect just like a cola gummy. I love this slime sooo much.

Blackberry Cheesecake
Alla Yeremeyev
Good but smells a bit off

I really like the slime,it looks great and has a great texture. Although it doesn't smell bad it doesn't smell quite like a blackberry cheesecake but still really good overall.

Great for beginners

This slime is easy to play with and not sticky. The cookie dough scent makes me hungry! The fake chocolate chips are a fun rubbery texture.

Amazing cloud slime

This slime is so easy and relaxing to play with. The scent is soothing like fresh laundry and perfume!

Love this scent and texture!

This has become my favorite! Second time ordering :) Highly recommend.

Peach Kiss
Anna Kozaczka
Best slime ! Love your slime

I am a huge fan of your slime and hands down the best around. Love the texture and scent


LOVED the texture and was so much fun to assemble! My first slime from this company and will definitely be buying more (:

Cookie Dough
Ekaterina Fritts
Smells nice

Love the smell. Actually looks like cookie dough.


Love the scent and the vibrant colors. This such a good quality and love the texture.

pumpkin pie

this slime is a really great texture, and it has a good smell! it’s not overpowering but it smells good enough you don’t want to put it down

yummy yummy

this slime is so fun to play with!! it’s sizzly and so fun to squish, and it smells so yummy, like a bath and body works candle! I’ve never tried the lil cubes before but when you mix the slime together you hardly notice them!! I love it!

Absolutely Perfect

Bought as a gift. They loved it. Perfect consistency and beautiful packaging! Can’t wait to try more!