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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews

    i have spent more than 187.49 dollors if slime it is so worth it though


    I got the Slime 2 days early which is amazing and whenever I got it it was perfectly soft and it even came with a piece of candy which I love but it was not hard it was so soft and the smell is so amazing and my friend in me loves the smell I'm not a big fan of the smell of lavender and pime
    needle in the stuff that was inside the slime but it smells so good whenever I have a headache I just smell it in my headaches go away in like 5 minutes I'm definitely going to buy more slime right after I submit this comment best slime ever totally will buy again and I also bought some stuff off of dope slimes cuz I wanted to see what slime shop I would like the best and whenever I got there slime I ordered two mystery putys and when I open the putties they wouldn't even stretched they were Loosely hard as a rock in the cherry Coca-Cola slime was so sticky it was so hard to like it didn't even stretch it was probably the worst song I've ever bought

    The best slime

    I bought this slime to help calm me down and it does just the trick! I would recommend the bye bye anxiety slime, it is my favorite thing that I own.

    Love this.

    This honestly helps me refocus on what needs to be done. Not only that but it is so smooth, creamy, and fun to mess with.


    Smells amazing, love to play with it when I feel anxious. Would highly recommend.

    Perfect for calming down

    I just got my first slime order from here and this one and the dragonfruit are my favorite. It is the perfect scent and texture for working it between your hands over and over to give a racing brain something else to focus on. It's soft, soothing, comforting. I love it.


    It was a gift for my brother and he just loved it, it had a wonderful scent 😄


    As someone with significant anxiety levels, I wasn't totally sure if I would get anything out of using this slime or not, but focusing my energy on playing with it is really relaxing!! It feels like it takes my stress levels down every time I use it. The scent is really nice as well, strong but not overwhelming. I love the texture too, it's really smooth and if you store the slime in the suggested temperature it's cool to the touch as well, which is nice. Very glad I have this around to use now!

    After a long journey, perfect slime :)

    I ordered this slime RIGHT before the post office was slowed down. It was in package limbo for a few weeks (no fault of the shop), and I thought it would be all dried up if it ever arrived. But when it came, it was PERFECT. So smooth and soft. I didn't add a drop of borax. Absolutely worth the wait, and now the slime has a story :)

    I love it

    The slime is so soft and stretchy. At first I didn't really like the scent but after having it for a couple days I love it now. Perfect size and it really does help with my anxiety :)