Aromatherapy - Bye Bye Anxiety

Snow Butter Slime
Pastel Blue
Soothing Essential Oil Blend (ylang ylang, tangerine, bergamot, chamomile, peppermint)
Not Edible
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Size: 5oz
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Aromatherapy - Bye Bye Anxiety


Aromatherapy - Bye Bye Anxiety

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

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Shanna Tamez
Perfect for Beginners

I got this for a friend who is dealing with a lot of stress right now. She says the smell is awesome and has really helped her work off some of her nervous energy. She is new to slimes, just like me, so it's great that the slime was easy to work with. Thanks!

Michelle Nenadich
Nice Slime for Beginners, Smells like Black Pepper?

Overall nice slime, could see this being very nice for beginners. For me it was a bit too stiff, but that is a personal preference. To me it also smelled more like black pepper than anything else, but maybe I just don't know what it's supposed to smell like.

Super soft and fun

This one has a good smell and is really soft. Loved the texture!

Regina Murray Torp
Love it, smells good not to over powering....

Love it, smells good not to over powering. Love that squishy feeling between fingers , great for my anxiety!

Shana Glover
Of the 3 slimes I purchased, this one is e...

Of the 3 slimes I purchased, this one is easily my favorite. Buttery soft and delightful. Great customer service. Very accommodating. Thanks so much!

Priscilla Foster
Really nice

The texture is very soft and smells nice.

Jonathan Washington
Back for more

Came back to shop for 9oz this is the best slime I own.

Kristina Soucy
Awesome slime

My Daughter and I love this slime, the only issue I have is the smell. We are not 100% on the smell. It could smell a bit better, maybe a sweet smell or light pretty fragrance.
Thank you so much for making such an awesome feeling and bubble popping SLIME! 🩷


I literally cannot put this one down; great fluffy texture that's fun to hold and play with, this newbie approves :) The scent is perfect & really does help. Perfect size, shipped fast. I'm a convert, TYVM!

Really good!

I love the texture,The Scent, The color everything only it came a little too sticky but I added some activator and it made it better You Should TOTALLY Buy This Slime

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