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Hands Down the Best Slime I've Ever Had
I've tried dozens upon dozens of slimes from all different sellers and shops and this is hands down the best slime I've ever had. It ticks all the boxes. Perfect texture, perfect hand feel, perfect scent, not at all sticky despite traveling in the summer heat. I found my slime, and that's not to say that other slimes are great, but this is the perfect one for me. Will be buying again. 10/10
Yvette M.
Not to Bash On Other Companies But..
Not to bash any other companies but I purchased about $100-$150 worth of slimes from you and two other companies each to figure out which company I would continue to buy from in the future. You won hands down. The quality of packaging alone. Don’t even get me started on the actual quality of your slimes. The other slimes, yes were higher quality than just going to Target or Walmart but when I got yours in the mail yesterday, oh my gosh, I was blown out of the water.
Yessi A.
I Never Had Slime Like This Before
I never had slime like this before. I'm not a child, or a parent, I just liked the color. I just saw this slime and was like "Hey, you know what why not?". This shipped in just about a DAY. It came so quickly. It came with a bottle of activator and a piece of candy, which was really sweet. It smells amazing. It is definitely really fun to knead in your hands. I will purchase again!
Victoria S.

Why Slime Fantasies?

Slime Fantasies is your happy place where you get to embrace your inner child!

Remember the sense of lightheartedness & happiness you felt as a child?
One day, adulthood knocks on your door. Suddenly, you look around and think "What happened? Why can't I feel as happy as I did as a kid?".

Here's the thing: When we are kids we don't worry, we live in the moment and PLAY!
And that's exactly what we stop doing as we get older because playing is for kids, right?

Slime Fantasies is here to change that!

Slime allows you to feel this ultimate feeling of joy that you've missed ever since you grew up! Playing with slime is a form of mindfulness that lets you forget about the pressure of the world, your stress & worries, and lets you just be playful.

Slime Fantasies is here to make the world a happier place and connect people - young and old - so that together we can play, smile, be happy & enjoy the little moments because ultimately that’s what life is all about.


5 Star Customer Service

Overall Best Slime Shop
This is overall the BEST slime shop I have purchased from. The customer service was amazing and I feel like Slime Fantasies values each and every one of their customers. The slimes arrived earlier than I had expected, and I got constant updates on the shipping and tracking of my package. I could not be happier with how my purchased turned out and I will continue to buy from Slime Fantasies.
Kaylee W.
Great Service
I accidently input the wrong address for shipping and emailed them in hopes that it wouldn't be too late and they got back to me promptly and helped me correct it. They were so nice about it too and didn't make me feel bad at all. The packaging is so cute too, it's all the little things that add up.
Sophia S.
First Time Buyer
I had an issue with my package in delivery and the customer service was so fast. I got the issue solve within a day or two. I would definitely recommend and will be buying more products! This is an amazing slime company. And the slime smells so good ☺️
Shorell J.