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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 121 reviews
    Sandra L Reese
    Amazing scent

    Smelled exactly like fruity pebbles! Amazing texture

    Brianna Mcneill
    So much fun!

    I have ordered 9 slimes from slime fantasy and although every one of them is fun and exciting this is by far my favorite! The texture is perfect and so is the stretch! I will definitely be ordering more soon!

    nicki green
    my all time favorite slime

    the texture and scent of this is absolutely perfect. the way the slime performs is like having the best of all the worlds. if i had to only pick one slime to have forever, this would be it!!

    love :)

    I have horrendous adult ADHD and anxiety... aka I am the WORST fidgeter and have terrible sensory issues. If I don't have something constantly in my hands to play with I feel like I lose my mind. I've been looking for some sort of "fidget toy" for months, and this slime is perfect! The texture is so satisfying, and the smell is not overwhelming or artificial at all. I use it while I'm studying, in therapy, or even just watching tv. I definitely recommend, especially for adults who have similar struggles!

    I'm a new slime enthusiast so I'm not sure if this is normal, but it does get sticky very quickly. Probably partially due to the summer heat. I definitely use a lot of the activator that it comes with. That would be my one and only complaint!

    Lexi Decastro

    This slime was great smelled exactly like fruity pebbles. It inflated a little bit but was so fun to play with.It was so nicely packaged and was shipped on time . I will definitely buy more. I really recommend


    I love this slime so much! The scent is exactly like that of fruity pebbles and it has such an amazing texture. It can be a little rough if you have sensitive hands, but not enough to ruin the experience and I love playing with it anyway. It came nicely packaged and wasn’t under activated despite the heat it went through to get here.

    Amazing packaging and product <3

    I absolutely love the texture, smell and stretch of the slime. It's my 2nd slime purchase and I'll definitely be buying more <3

    Reviewer avatar
    Couldn't be better

    It smells so much better than I imagined. I don't know if anyone around my age will remember the yummy cereal bars they had back in the day but this smells EXACTLY like those. The texture is by far the best out of the 15 or so slimes I've bought from this shop. There's so many fun ways to play with it. Top notch slime.

    All about the texture!

    It sizzles, it crunches it smells amazing! It does kind of fall apart when you take it out but I'm chalking that up to the 5oz size! I bet the 9oz is even better <3


    this slime is pretty awesome. The smell is great and the texture is addicting. Love how crisp the sounds are when you play with it.