Strawberry Rice Krispies

Snow Fizz Slime
Pastel Pink
Strawberry Rice Krispies (with notes of gooey marshmallow, crunchy krispies and sweet strawberries)
Strawberry Sprinkle Mix (in small bag)
Not Edible
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Size: 5oz
Strawberry Rice Krispies Cereal Dessert Pink Red Slime Fanstsies Shop 9oz Front View

Strawberry Rice Krispies


Strawberry Rice Krispies

Size: 5oz

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Maddie Taylor
It's okay.

I am not dissatisfied with my order, however I will state that my slime is very small. And I'm not talking about the size of the plastic container, I mean, the slime itself is much smaller than when I first got it a few days ago. Each time I play with it it gets smaller, but I don't extract anything from it. I checked another review, and apparently it's happened before. This is disappointing to me since I buy from SlimeFantasies, preferably over other slime companies. I really hope this is not a normal thing for their other snow fizz slimes. I like this company and the other slimes I've received from them. I just hope this doesn't happen again. Aside from that, the slime smells nice and had an amazing texture. They also ship fast and your slime will get to you before anyone else's does!


Smells chemically :(

marisa perry brager

I absolutely love this slime! I think I'm more obsessed with it than my kids are. It is so fun and creative, it smells fantastic, it's the perfect texture. It's so relaxing to play with. These are my new go-to birthday gifts, I've gotten my whole family in on Slime Fantasies!

Katie Stagner

Slime feels absolutely amazing and the smell is so yummy!!


this slime was awesome. it was so crunchy yet soft and sizzly! the smell was very nice and sweet. i love the way it feels and the sounds of the crunches when playing with this slime


Love this slime !! Smells so good and love the texture

Brooke Koop
Smelled good but slime was meh

This slime smelled amazing but I was so disappointed I could never get it out of the container. No matter how much activator I used, it was so sticky that it wouldn't come out of the container, and what I did get out stuck to my hands so badly I couldn't get it off without just simply washing it off :( I've never had a bad slime from this shop and maybe I just simply got a bad one? Just stinks cuz I bought the big one was was never able to use it properly. I basically used my entire tube of activator and it was still super sticky. :(


Super fun to play with

Orla Delahunt
Thats it?

This slime was fabulous when it first arrived. However, after taking it out of the container and playing with it for only about 10 minutes, it lost a third of its original height. Otherwise its a great slime, it just gets sticky after playing sometimes, I don't know if its the way i'm playing with it, as its my first slime. luckily it came with a bottle of activator, but the size of the activator bottle worry's me, as ive already used nearly half of it. Over time the color has dulled a little, and is not that bright pink color it was when i had first received it. But really, other than the missing chunk of slime, its great!

Andrew Clay

this the most fizzy and crunchy slime ive had and it smells so nice and the scent isn't fading away even after i've played with it so many times

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