Tiramisu Cake Crunch

Butter Snow Fizz Slime
Brown + Beige + Cream = Light Brown
Tiramisu (with notes of sweet whipped cream, and coffee-dipped ladyfingers)
Chocolate Foam Sprinkles (in small bag)
Not Edible
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Size: 5oz
Tiramisu Cake Crunch Dessert Chocolate Coffee Brown Slime Fantasies Shop 9oz Front View

Tiramisu Cake Crunch


Tiramisu Cake Crunch

Size: 5oz

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Smells incredible

bought myself a few slime for my birthday, first time
Just received them and I gotta say, out of all the slime I got this one by far is my favourite. The layers are great and honestly I haven't even mixed them together yet.

The top layer is very buttery, not wet which I think i prefer, a little stiff at first but play with it a bit and it gets a lovely stretch to it.

The other layers are both snow fizz and the texture to these is very satisfying. A nice crunch and some great colour to them

The best part about this slime by far is the smell though. The best I can describe it is that artificial tiramisu scent you'll sometimes find in air fresheners or candles. It's got a sweet smell that's not overpowering in anyway.
The little baggie of "chocolate powder" is a lovely touch too that really does bring the whole aesthetic together.
Also a fan of the fact that it's not a wet slime

All in all, I think of you're into crunchy textures and sweet aromas, you'll find this right up there as a favourite.

Kristen Stier
Perfect but

Perfect texture BUT y’all need to get bigger containers for these or not fill these up so much bc once you play with this they don’t fit back in the container to play with later


The Chocolate scent is to die for

Abby A.

Love the texture, smells amazing of course and just so satisfying to play with.


My first experience with a real slime shop. It was awesome! Came just as pictured. A lil melty, but that’s the Alabama summer for you. The activator fixed the little bit of stickiness and it smells absolutely divine. No complaints. 10/10 would recommend this slime

One of the best slimes ever

I loved this slime. It has the most amazing scent. 10/10 reccomend

Penelope Rush
Perfect slime!!

This slime is such a good texture and smells sooo good!!! i cant stop playing with it and have let friends borrow it, nothing but good things to say!


Great texture! The chocolate scent isn't overpowering, and the layers were fun to mix together. I end up using an extra 1oz container since this one inflates a bit.


Great smell! Also texture is a wonderfully stimulating experience.


Great texture and smell just pretty sticky and when activated made it hard for the little flakes to stay in the slime

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