Blackberry Cheesecake

Butter Floam Slime
Pastel Yellow + Berry-Purple = Pastel Magenta
Blackberry Cheesecake (with notes of juicy mixed berries and creamy cheesecake)
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Size: 5oz
Blackberry Cheesecake Floam Crunchy White Purple Slime Fantasies Shop 9oz Front View

Blackberry Cheesecake


Blackberry Cheesecake

Size: 5oz

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Emily Shepherd
Great texture; Realistic Smell

This was my favorite slime that I purchased. I didn't think that I would like the butter slime base but that actually turned out to be my favorite. The cheesecake base was so fluffy, creamy,soft, and holdable. It reminded me of no bake cheesecake that I can play with. The slime scent is subtle on this one. I also thought the mini floam bits add a good texture as well. I would definitely recommend this slime.

Brooke Koop
My all over favorite

Love the scent the most but I absolutely love this butter slime! It's so soft and uh, the smell is just Heavenly:)

Isabelle || L2Person
Solid choice, not my favorite

Another great slime by Slime Fantasies, just not my personal favorite!

The scent is strong but not too overpowering and leans more towards berries than cheesecake or cream. I don't mind that, but something to keep in mind if you're really after that cheesecake scent!

It looked absolutely gorgeous when it arrived, exactly like the product image, which was lovely. Once mixed together, it ends up a reddish-lilac color which is still pretty in it's own right.

Texture wise, this is a butter floam; it won't be overpacked with floam beads like you might expect from a standard floam slime. If you're looking for more of that floam crunchiness, you won't be getting it with this slime. With that out of the way, I enjoyed the texture! It's soft and stretchy and there is a nice amount of crackles and crunches from the beads that are in there.

Overall, a great slime, just not one that itches my brain the way I'd like.


My husband's ultimate favorite


perfect scent perfect texture

It's ok

The texture could be better, maybe more beads. But the smell is too sour and kinda sickly, which maybe was the goal with "cheesecake", but I personally don't like the scent.


Smells good and I love the texture


smelled like blueberry pie and turned a pretty lavender color when mixed

Michael Soener

We're relatively new to slime but have about two dozen now and this is absolutely in our top 3. It is just an incredible slime, really inflatable, great asmr/bubble pops and an awesome texture to play with. Scent isn't too strong but it's nice. I don't think we have even the slightest complaint about this slime, it's just fantastic!

Marissa McLelland
Love the mix of textures

I wish there were more of the little beads but overall a great slime. Smells very good.

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