Blackberry Cheesecake

Butter Floam Slime
Pastel Yellow + Berry-Purple = Pastel Magenta
Blackberry Cheesecake (with notes of juicy mixed berries and creamy cheesecake)
Not Edible
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Size: 5oz
Blackberry Cheesecake Pink Butter Floam Slime Fantasies 8oz Front View

Blackberry Cheesecake


Blackberry Cheesecake

Size: 5oz

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Does NOT match videos/ pictures

The scent and texture are terrible, to begin with. Smells like expired milk and there’s not enough floam or texture to inflate, without having to aggressively mix the slime for 15+ min. But on top of that, the item is not as depicted in the Instagram video that is hyperlinked to their item page on the website. Please click the video in the description and you will see a jelly layer on the bottom of the slime that is not included in the current slime. They told me that the bright red clear slime “migrated” from the top of the container, where it was mixed with floam, to the bottom of the container, to perfectly congeal into a clear layer, without leaving any residue in the cream cheesecake slime that forms the middle layer. Not sure how that’s even physically possible, but if it is, that means the slime I received would have had to have been sitting in its container for weeks, at least. Not really sure why they would advertise it as such if it was basically impossible to receive that product. I have attached photos of the email exchange to provide evidence that I am not exaggerating, as often negative reviews can. I am just sorely disappointed to have spent my money and time on a company that delivers irregular products and has nothing to say when the customer is unsatisfied.

Jordan B.
First slime ever and I like it!

I had never bought slime before so this is an honest review. I really do like this floam slime I ordered! The scent smelled pretty much like blackberry cheesecake! It is really sweet but I can smell a hint of berry in there. I really like to use it when I need to focus on something or I’m stressed. The only couple of things I wished it had is more floam beads :( I love playing with floam and I thought it was going to have a little bit more in it than it already has. It was also really sticky when I first received it :( idk if it was because it was too hot or what but I had to use several activator drops in it to make it more useable. It does blend into a very pretty light berry pink color when it’s all mixed together though!

One of my favorites

I adore the texture of this slime!! The thick butter/clay base with little floam bits throughout just makes me so happy. My personal opinion is that the scent is rather light on this one so it doesn't bother me too much that it isn't super realistic. I would absolutely die for Slime Fantasies to come out with an all floam slime after this though <3 <3 <3

Scent is off

I love the color and texture. The scent is off to me. But remember scent subjective to each person.

Kathryn Gerlach
Smells great, wonderful texture, my daught...

Smells great, wonderful texture, my daughter loves it. Thanks!

Sara Gibson


Lisa Rivera
Awesome Slime!!!

Love it!! Texture is the best with all the beads!! Smell is okay could be a bit better but I just love the texture!!!!

Dunya Benno
Nice Texture

Great texture and it smells so good.

evelyn slime
Great texture, terrible smell

I love the texture of this slime even if there's not a lot of floam beads. It's soft and very clay heavy but I can't stand the scent. It reminds me of cheap ejuice and has this fake butter scent that is pretty unbearable. I can't really even get myself to play with it because of the scent.

Alla Yeremeyev
Good but smells a bit off

I really like the slime,it looks great and has a great texture. Although it doesn't smell bad it doesn't smell quite like a blackberry cheesecake but still really good overall.

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