DIY Slime - Sweet Sticky Rice & Mango

Snow Fizz Slime + Jelly Cube Slime = DIY Jelly Cube Fizz Slime
White + Mango-Yellow = Pastel Yellow
Sweet Sticky Rice & Mango with notes of creamy coconut and sweet
1 oz Mango Sauce
Not Edible
Size: DIY Set (Regular)
Sweet Sticky Rice Mango Snow Fizz Jelly Cube Crunchy DIY Slime Fantasies Shop 9oz Front View

DIY Slime - Sweet Sticky Rice & Mango


DIY Slime - Sweet Sticky Rice & Mango

Size: DIY Set (Regular)

Customer Reviews

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Kaylee Maldonado

LOVED the texture and was so much fun to assemble! My first slime from this company and will definitely be buying more (:

Sonya Jensen
Loved it

Loved loved loved this slime. Scent, everything.

Amazing Texture

This slime feels so...awesome! It's sizzly, it has a crunch to it in a way, I can't really describe it. But it's so fun to play with, the smell is amazing, and mixing the parts together was a lot of fun. I love the jelly cube slime on its own, too. One of the best parts of the DIY slimes sold here is how fun the slimes are on their own and turn into something even more fun when mixed.

As good as it can get.

The texture is unbeatable, I have never felt slime like this.

Best texture hands down

This slime has the best texture of any of the slimes I've bought from this store. The scent is so delicious that I almost want to eat it (but don't do that obviously). Will definitely repurchase this one or another of the same texture!

Leigha M Mason
Adorable, and spot on!

This slime, y'all. I absolutely loved this. I was blown away by the smells, and the combo. It isn't overpowering at all, and it smells so accurate it's uncanny! The texture is fantastic and despite having some warm weather lately, it didn't come sticky or melted at all. I loved putting this together!

Absolutely loved this slime

The texture of this slime was so amazing and crunchy, it is amazing for stretching and especially for bubble pops. I don’t know what sweet sticky rice smells like but the mango scent was on point. The jelly cubes were also really easy and satisfying to pop. I like how they gave the mango separately so that you get to mix it. Overall, the slime was really nice and worth the price.

Grace W

The scent is amazing and the texture is very fun.

No mango or coconut scent once mixed in

It's a nice scent once mixed in but it doesn't smell anything like mango sticky rice sadly. The mango slime separately does smell like mango but it's a small amount and the scent isn't really strong in the first place. I will say it has a really nice texture and isn't sticky.

Keith Saunders

If I could marry a slime, it would be this one. Incredible. The texture is PERFECT!!!!

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