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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 60 reviews

    I love this slime but when ever I opened it the next day after playing with it there was this weird residue but I would give it an 4.5 because it was fun to play with but the residue was weird.

    Candace Coward
    Great texture and smell!

    This slime had an amazing texture and the scent was spot on to the sticky rice dish!

    Camille Cullen
    Smells delightful

    I LOVE that thing, it smells so good and the crunchy texture is weird at first but then becomes soothing and the sound it makes is so calming and amazing. Love the jelly cubes as well, they were very satisfying to mix in.

    Dara Parisi
    First slime ever, not disappointed

    This was the first slime I’ve ever purchased and I love it! It smells really good, almost like buttered popcorn lol but I definitely get the sticky rice and mango too - it’s just similar to a sweet popcorn too.
    It was fun to mix in, it turns to a very pale yellow color. Not suuuper stretchy (I got the 5oz so maybe the larger ones are better in that way) but the texture is super cool and the activator helps it not be so sticky.

    Nichole Chaney

    Smells so good and the texture is amazing!

    So good!

    I love the texture and the smell is so good! It’s a little reminiscent of the popcorn jellybean though!

    Claudia Zarazua
    I loved

    I liked the texture and the smell I loved it

    Jescenia Mosley
    Sweet Sticky Rice

    The smell is AMAZING I haven’t stopped playing with it since I got it! Definitely plan on buying more!!

    First Purchase!

    This is my first DIY slime with this texture. The 5oz container is smaller than I initially expected but I honestly ended up loving the size because of how convenient the portion is in my hands. I was nervous about the scents but I ended up liking them as well. However, I much prefer the mango scent over the coconut scent because it smells EXACTLY like the mango jello I like to eat lol. Mixing them together was also a fun experience but that mango scent is heavenly!!!!

    Amy Sommer

    Satisfying hand scrapes and yummy rice smell. Mango was delicious but a little over powering for me. Loved mixing together and the chunks are fun