Watermelon Crush

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Size: 5oz
Watermelon Crush Clay Slime Floam

Watermelon Crush


Watermelon Crush

Size: 5oz

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Nataly Quintero
Amazing smell

Love the smell and texture it smells like watermelon bubble gum !!!

Claire M

This makes the best crunchy sounds, and have such an amazing smell. This seller is my new favorite and I will absolutely be reordering!

Lindsay Jones
Love the texture

We initially picked this slime for the texture as my son wanted it for his anxiety. He feels it helps a lot and it smells like watermelon bubble gum!!

Lucia Crosby

really nice to play with! needs to have the activator added again a lot tho

Stacie Chaffin

Watermelon is my fave scent and I love playing with this slime

Jamie Gainor
Lovely slime

I got this as a free slime because i ordered in the first 15 minutes or something like that, but it is a really good slime. I absolutely love the texture and its scent smells like juicy watermelon. The color was a bit off from the picture but that doesn’t bother me. I don’t know why some people are giving this three stars because this is definitely one of my personal favorites.

Okay slime

This ones ok. None of hers are ever bad but the foam beads do keep floating to the top and it becomes a bit tacky in texture. Smells good though like watermelon candy and it was a freebie after all!

Crystal Radabaugh
Not what I expected

1) Not long delays in shipping, I think it came 1 day later then expected, but thats not a big concern for me.
2) Mine came with yellow floam instead of white. Still very cute!
3) I wasnt sure what to expect texture wise. It makes clicking sounds when poked! It’s kinda thin, cooling, and has a nice plastic texture. The floam floats to the top so I can separate it into two different textures if I want. It doesn’t inflate, but was it suppose to?
4) It smells like watermelon candy, very pleasant!

not bad

It was an overall okay slime. The scent is exactly like a watermelon candy. The beads however were a different colour for me, so that was a little weird. The texture is pretty bouncy and slippery but great for bubble pops. I think it was just the colours that threw me off because it was a bright green with yellow beads, unlike the colours in the picture. I think it reminds me less of watermelon because it lacks the pinky red aspect. On the other hand is is very calming to play with, so I feel mixed emotions towards this one.


I love the slime! It’s so nice and it has a great texture and it’s smells so good! I have a lot of stress and it calms me down quickly. Slimefantasties is the only slime shop I purchase things from and I have not been disappointed with anything.

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