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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Julia Arellano
    unicorn bread

    we loved the sprinkles ! it was just the right texture, buttery and stretchy but also textured! the smell was delicious 😊

    Niya Avery

    I have enjoyed playing with Unicorn Bread! I appreciate the quality of this product!

    Unicorn Bread

    This is a GREAT slime! The service is super good and I loved slime Fantasies! The order was supposed to come on Friday but it came on Thursday! Wow! I loved this slime! It deflated but I didn’t really mind.

    Scent of slime

    I really loved the texture of this slime and it was strangely very fluffy and inflatable. Although I absolutely adored the texture the scent smelt salty to me and I didn't smell cotton candy at all.

    Vaughn Goss
    Awesome slime!

    I absolutely love this slime! The texture and smell are so good I can't put it down! Will definitely be purchasing more from this shop!

    Amazing stress reliever!!!

    This is the first slime shop I’ve ever bought from and I’m so happy!!! I love the scent and the texture!! I got them and showed them to my mom and now she’s addicted and wants nothing but slimes for her birthday🤭 I love this shop and definitely will be ordering again! (My mother and myself lol)


    Out of the three I purchased I absolutely ADORE this one! The texture is so nice and the scent is to die for! Definitely considering coming back to order a larger size next time, as well as the other slimes in the 'bread' set!

    I love the texture!

    the texture is so nice! I ordered the 5 oz and now I'm sad cuz it was so good and I wish i got the 8 oz! but anyways it's so fun to play with and its scent is my favorite one from all of the slimes I bought. it's scented cotton candy bread and I can't get enough of it! it turns into a pretty pale blue when your done mixing it and it came with so many glitters and sprinkles! did I mention the scent? lol. her slimes have no charms but they're so PRETTY without one! overall I loved this slime as you can tell because i wouldn't have written this much if I didn't like the slime so much!!! So happy with this slime and I hope slime fantasies releases a snow fizz slime because if her butter snow fizz slime is this good and sizzly then I would LOVE to purchase one!

    Krystal M
    Unicorn Bread

    I love the texture! One of my favorite slimes!

    Kayla Flournoy

    It was a tad bit stiff but other than that amazing!