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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Daya Ene
    I love the variety

    This is a great sampler box if you new buyer and you’re not sure of what smells and texture you’ ll like. I love all their slimes in the store, but I now know what texture really like and I can buy a full size one.

    Love them

    I didn't even know there were so many different textures of slime, so when I found this company I had no idea what to order... yay for the Sampler Set! I now have 4 favorite textures that I'll be ordering (maybe in different scents) the others that aren't my favorite are still really fun and I'll continue to use them till they die lol. I'm mostly happy that I got to try all the different kinds of slime you see on like insta and snap!

    Alisa Peterson
    Great gift

    I bought this for my sister for Christmas as we both love slime and it was amazing! The scents were great and all the textures were really fun! It also held up really well since i had to wait to give it to her but i did store it in a cold place! Overall 10/10 will definitely buy from her again!

    London Hoffman
    Great gift for significant other!

    I bought this sample pack for my girlfriend for Christmas, as she’s been asking for high quality slime for a long time now. The sample pack is the best way to go because there’s variety in scents and most importantly textures. She got to try the slimes she always dreamed to try and even found a few new favorites. She is super happy with it. Do make sure to inspect all the products when it gets delivered, because my activator bottle had the head fall off and leak a tiny bit. Some water and a paper towel later, I fixed the bottle and everything was good after. Very satisfied with the product itself!

    Morganne Moulder

    I love this slime!!!


    These are so great. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I love all the textures and smells. Can’t wait to buy more

    Great to Try Out Different Textures!

    This is perfect for people just getting into slime. I loved all of these but I think the tangerine icee and watermelon foam ones were my favorite. Liked these so much I decided to go back, be daring, and get some savory slimes!

    ericka <3

    perfect selection of textures for a first timer!

    Angelina G.
    Starter slimes

    Ive always wanted to play with the slimes online and I finally caved and ordered these, and omg they are so cute and satisfying! I think they're just perfect for being my first slimes, and getting into slime and all their textures and smells, I really enjoy every bit of these slimes :) 11/10!