Taro Milk Tea

Creamy Jelly Cube Slime
Pastel Purple
Taro Milk Tea (with notes of sweet, nutty taro and sweet milk)
Not Edible
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Size: 5oz
Taro Milk Tea Creamy Jelly Cube Purple Slime Fantasies 9oz Front View

Taro Milk Tea


Taro Milk Tea

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

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Claudia Tangu
Love it

Was a little sticky in the beginning but overall really enjoyed the slime and love the scent.

Smells really good

Smelled so good my boyfriend asked me if it was edible. Sponges are a bit hard but great other than that

Gioneecia Zambatiao
GREAT :)(but in a funky, questionable way)

So I have a story:
I was watching Squid game for the 12th time when there was a knocking on my front door. I thought it was my husband but I realised he divorced me 15 years ago,then I thought it was the mailman but I cancelled my mail subscription after I divorced my husband because my husband was the mailman.Finally, like the brave person I was, I ordered this taro slime so that the slime delivery man could battle the random dude knocking on my door. I then realised I have no door and I have been living in an igloo this entire time.

But anyways this slime was super glossy and the jelly cubes were so fun to squish! Definetely will buy again!

Liz Woll

The smell is dead-on, and the feel is amazing. New favorite slime!

Not the texture for me

Smells nice, is pretty, just not the texture for me. I was hoping the cubes would be more jellyish, I hadnt tried this type of slime before so I didnt know exactly what to expect.

Alyshia Edlefsen

I love how smooth and milky it is, the scent is a perfect match for my favourite taro bubble tea!

It's ok...

The smell of the slime is nice and I originally liked the texture. The problem was the cube pieces. If you stretch and squeeze this often the cubes disintegrate and break apart, almost felt like foam. Then the texture changes and looks more like chunky oatmeal, which was sad because other than that this could have been a great slime. I would have maybe put in black jelly balls to look more like taro bubble tea or something that would not break apart that easily. Also had more of a stickier texture than the other slimes and had to use more activator.

Relaxing and fun

Very pleased with my first ever slime purchase! It smelled great and was so much fun to play with.

Love Love Love

This is by far my favorite slime. I love the scent and texture. It’s addictively fun to play with.

Kirsten Schowalter
I liked the idea of this one but the slime...

I liked the idea of this one but the slime type was sticking to everything. Had to use a lot of the activator

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