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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Sallie Drazzi
    Great textures, but that scent!

    I love the texture of both of these slimes, but the scent of Milk for Santa is definitely something you should consider. Although it is "sweetened milk", to me it just smells like turning bad milk. So hold back on this set if any milkly smell might set you off. The texture though is amazingly glossy and clicky.
    Cookies for Santa is gorgeous. It is literally like playing with some cookie dough minus the sticky edibleness. I could play with it for hours, and like so many Slime Fantasties slimes, it infaltes nicely.

    Olivia Randall
    Surprise for santa slimes duo

    OMG!! i got this in the mail a couple days ago and even the packaging blew me away!! milk for santa is SO THICK and glossy and smells amazingggggg. cookies for santa literally feels like marshmallowsit’s soooo soft and smells just likes cookies. 1000% satisfied and will be purchasing again.

    insta: @olivia.asa.rk

    Lia Malone
    Dear Santa,

    I love these two slimes. The textures are great and I love the smell of the cookies. Some of the sprinkles kept falling off but I still have so much fun with these!

    Selena Bachmann
    A great deal for great quality slimes!

    I absolutely love this slime duo! For one, you get two awesome slimes for the price of just a single one. The textures and scents are to die for, and I cannot stop playing with these, or any of the other slimes I have from here! The best Christmas duo, in slime form, earns a 10000/5 stars from me. I need more of these!

    Safia Quirós
    Surprise for Santa

    I loved both of these slimes, they where great. The only thing that I would say is that I ordered both of these slimes to be 4 ounces, and for my ‘Cookies for Santa’ slime came with only about 3 ounces. But what made it up for me to give these slimes a five star review is that my ‘Milk for Santa’ slime came filled to the top and it was weird because I couldn’t put the whole slime in it’s container. I had to spilt the slime in a smaller container!

    Amazing slimes! Perfect texture and smells!

    This was the perfect Christmas gift! Perfect textures, amazing smells, and my daughters can’t put it down!

    Cookies for Santa

    Creamy, puffy and spreadable! Smells good too! =D

    Dr H
    Super fun!

    Daughter is a slime connoisseur and she LOVES the slimes she got for her birthday!

    Yaredly Ramirez
    Love it!

    My daughter already got ahold of all the slime I got. She loves it! Not to slimy, not to sticky, just right!!

    Lluliza Gramajo
    Slim queen

    My daughter Mckaylie loves your slime. We’ve ordered from many other slime shops but all fall short to Slim Fantasies! Thank you