Sugar Cookie

Butter Slime
Beige + Pastel Rainbow
Sugar Cookie (with notes of buttery cookies, sugar and frosting)
Pink Glitter & Pastel Rainbow Sprinkles (in small bag)
Not Edible
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Size: 5oz
Sugar Cookie Rainbow Pink Butter Slime Fantasies 8oz Front View

Sugar Cookie


Sugar Cookie

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

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Birgit Roberts
Love it!

While the circle sprinkles don't stay in it I absolutely love the texture of this! I now need to try some of the others as I get the money. I would love to try different textures but again I loved this one! Texture was great and I loved the smell!

Lisa T.
My Favorite!

This slime has the best smell and the texture is perfect! It almost feels like soft, worn leather.

Migdaliz Ortiz
Love it!

Nice scent. Arrived on time!

Bonnie Jean

Incredible smell, great feel. May be my favorite slime yet!

Best slime in the world

This slime is so amazing im fr addicted to it at first I thought it would be my least fav out of the ones I ordered but it was the best. it was so soft and buttery just how I like my slimes, also nons-sticky and amazing bubble pops and the swirls 10/10. the scent was so addicting I wanted to eat it….

nicki green
buttery goodness

i appreciate this slime being a bit under activated. that really gives it more stretch power and it has quickly become one of my new favs. the smell is also to die for. a very cakey cookie scent. you also would not think the sprinkles would make such a difference, but they do! they add a lot to this slime and i would not like it as much without them!

Patricia Bates

My children thoroughly enjoyed the sugar cookie, and it smells amazing!!!

Connor Shea
Pretty good

The scent was decent, it smelled like sugar cookie but like artificial if that makes sense. It’s texture was really good but got tougher and dryer every day, so what I did to fix it was add some water which made the slime a really good consistency again. Oh and also the sprinkles kept falling out but not the glitter.

Stephanie Gendron
Amazing slime!

This slime is amazing! It is super creamy and soft to play with. I am definitely ordering more!


So creamy and stretchy, I love it

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