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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Best slime ever!

    It is so so unbelievably soft and smooth to play with, probably my favorite texture of slime I've ever played with! Super stretchy and makes amazing swirls. The scent smells exactly like a strawberry-pineapple popsicle, it's amazing. The best slime!


    Daughter loves it!! Smells Great! Not messy
    Shipping was quick

    Reviewer avatar
    The very BEST

    This slime absolutely blew me away. The texture is so wonderful and soft. Mixing it together was so much and the end color is super dreamy and visually appealing.
    Now let's talk about this scent... all the scents from this shop have been amazing, but not this one. This one is PHENOMENAL. I can not get enough of it. I do not understand how something can smell this good.

    Tayler Jade
    So fun & yummy smelling!

    This was one of my first slime purchases. It arrived sooner than expected & I am so happy with it! Everything from the colour & texture is great :)

    Dawn Lee
    Smells sooo good

    This slime is light and fluffy and the end color after mixing is lovely, but the winning trait by far is the scent. It's incredible. I find myself opening the jar just to smell it even when I don't have time to stop and play with the slime

    Esmi Bonilla
    This smells amazing!!

    Texture is spot on and the scent is to die for

    Vacation in a slime

    I love the scent of this one, and the texture is really nice. It turns into a peachy sunset like orange when mixed together.

    Sara M.
    Smells amazing!

    Not only is this slime really nice to stretch and squeeze, it also is one of my favorite scents for a slime!

    Haley Krumwied
    Loved it

    Smelled good and felt soft and smooth. I loved the add ons and mixing the colors together it was so pretty and I love the final color.

    Amy Sommer

    This slime felt exactly like I had hoped. I bought from someone else recently and I was disappointed slime didn’t feel the way I wanted it to. But I tried yours and I’ll never buy from another person again. My husband refuses to touch it but he loved the smell