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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 173 reviews

    Can I just say YUM! the smell is so surreal it activates your taste buds to believe this is real, of course it’s NOT but this was super fun to mix together and the Texture is great. I amazed at how luscious these slimes truly are.


    firstt off, the smell, it so addicting and smells exactly like strawberry. the slime has a soft texture, it’s like butter but has a crunch side to it and I can’t explain why but I’m in love w this slime you should def order and no I’m not just saying this I mean it

    The best smelling butter slime🍰❤️

    First getting it it was almost a gorgeous avalanche slime with the red clear and the floam on top. Mixing it was beautiful😍 and the result was a pretty pink butter floam. The smell was so accurate it smelled like strawberry cheesecake it was heavenly🥰

    Strawberry Cheescake

    Overall I really liked this slime.
    It was very soft and fluffy and the color is super pretty.
    However, the only thing was that the scent smelled more like sweet artificial strawberry syrup rather than cheescake for me and it was also more on the wet side when i touched it. But I still really loved this and it was so worth it.

    Great slime

    I bought a 5 ounce strawberry cheesecake slime and I was not disappointed. This was my first shop purchase and I loved this slime. It semmed to have a cloud look when I stretched it but it seemed mostly just a normal glue slime. The slime did have fallout beads but it was only a few and it didn’t affect my perspective of it because that is usually expected from floam bead slimes. When I opened the package, the slime was slightly mixed and it wasn’t layered but the cheesecake color was still visible.

    Great texture

    This is a really great slime. Its a nice balance of smooth butter slime and floam beads. It also has a super cute presentation. I don’t think the smell is perfectly accurate, but it smells really close. I highly recommend this slime!

    Kathleen Sefcik-Aviles
    Love it

    Smells delicious! My son thinks it smells like strawberry pancakes, haha. Fun and soft, great for poping and love the little foam balls, makes it very fun to play with.

    Amazing texture and smell

    The texture of this slime is definitely the best part. Plus, this smell so good, just as described and not rubbery smelling like some other brands.

    Great scent

    The texture is fun and the strawberry scent is great, however this was a very sticky slime. I recommend it.

    So creamy!

    ITS SO CREAMY!!! It’s so so soft and fun to play with and turns to such a nice shade of pink once it’s mixed! I think it smells more like fake strawberries then cheesecake but it’s still a very pleasant scent I enjoy! My ONLY complaint is that the little foam balls keep falling out but that’s not the end of the world. I still very much enjoy it otherwise!