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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 161 reviews
    A favorite for my daughter

    This is my daughter’s favorite of her slime collection. She loves the texture and the smell.

    Awesome Texture

    I like crunchy slimes but sometimes they get kind of rough- this slime gives you the satisfaction of a really nice texture but is soft on the hands. Has a nice graham cracker smell and hasn't needed activating yet.

    Ayana H.
    That texture hun

    I love the texture of this. When mixing it I love seeing the contrast between the red and yellow. The slime was very smooth and I have not had to activate it yet. I also get a strong Graham cracker crust scent, but it doesn't bother me.

    Hailey Patin
    Awesome Slime! But

    I honestly loved this slime so much. I have ADHD and it was very fun to play with while doing homework/other things. The only thing is that the smell was very strong and gave me a headache at times (probably not SF’s fault, I may just be sensitive to smells? I figured it would be worth noting though.) The scent itself is a little odd and stayed on my hands even after I washed them. I don’t know much about slime, but I felt like it deactivated pretty quickly- after about 15 mins of play. But altogether this is a pretty awesome slime!

    Strawberry cheesecake slime

    Definitely doesn't come as pictured and was way too sticky at the start that I struggled to get it out and had to use a ton of activator. But once out and mixed properly with the activator, it was much better to play with. I definitely like it but didn't get the satisfaction of mixing the different stuff in the slime because of how much of a sticky mess it was

    Beau A
    Awesome product

    My daughter loves your products by far the best we've found

    so yummy!!

    so so so fun!! i’m new to slime and was avoiding the floam slimes cause I wasn’t sure how I would like the texture and OH my god it’s quickly become one of my favorites ever!! I haven’t had any fallout and the smell and texture is fantastic!

    Lyndsey Hoover

    The cheesecake is a sweet smell, but not an overwhelming sweet smell. Like sometimes sweet scents give me a headache, but this one is a perfect balance of sweet smell that isnt too strong. Just the quality of all the slime fantasies are amazing. Not all slime is created equal, and these are just next level.

    Best slime ever

    While it may be a little pricey, this is the best slime I've ever seen. Smells delicious and looks are stunning. I bought one as a stocking stuffer for Christmas fory daughter and she absolutely loved it!!!

    April Torres
    Amazing!!! 💜

    The floam was so nice and bubbly and them you hav the creamy butter slime and it just turns into such an amazing texture this slime is a 10/10