Snowy Ice Skating Day

Jelly Icee Slime (Cloud X Clear)
Icy Blue + White = Pastel Blue
Crisp Winter Air (with notes of freshly chopped wood and cooling eucalyptus)
Light Blue Glitter (on top of slime)
Not Edible
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Size: 5oz
Snowy Ice Skating Day Winter Christmas Icy Blue Jelly Cloud Creme Slime Fantasies Shop 9oz Front View

Snowy Ice Skating Day


Snowy Ice Skating Day

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

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Brianne Hockman
Satisfying :)

Smells light and fresh and very satisfying to play with! I have sensitive hands and it’s perfectly soft.

Victoria Hauck
The Perfect Slime?

Gorgeous, smells beautiful, and turns to a soft creamy stretchy texture. The softness made it so it was easy on my hands (they get sore easily) and I can't stop playing with it. Basically a perfect slime to me.

Erin Rourke
So good!

Suuuch a good slime and has been perfect since it arrived

Love it!!

I bought this as a gift for my dd. She loves both the texture and smell of this. Thanks for the great product and speedy shipping!!


I love the texture the smell not so much but I still have fun playing with it!


So so so pretty 💜
So soft
Smells awesome
This was my first slime. I'm definitely going to order more

Megan Babat
scent is more chemical that clean; texture is off

This was my first jelly icee slime, so I'm giving two stars because I'm assuming some user error. The texture out of the container was completely sticky, so I reactivated it-- probably too much since I could not get it to a non-sticky state. (When I say it was sticky, I mean it was coating my fingers and every surface it came into contact with.) The smell was unpleasant, and lingered on my fingers, along with what I'm assuming was snow fallout. Overall, not a fan.

Scent is Medicinal

The scent is my biggest problem with this. Sometimes companies are successful in pulling off that minty, pine scent, but it's rare, and sadly this falls under unsuccessful for me.

I also think the company should consider posting pictures Notre accurate to what you get. My slime had about 0.75" thickness worth of jelly layer at the bottom, which even if you leveled off the top of the cloud in the picture on the website, the product would still have more jelly than cloud going by that. I understand marketing photos can vary a bit from the actual product, but I was surprised the jelly layer was so thin. It mixed okay, but by itself the jelly was also very rippy, even once it warmed up to room temperature.

Heidi Eyestone
Favorite slime

I loved this slime last year and played with it the most. It started getting funky cause I wasn’t always washing my hands and usually played with it at work. I was really happy to see it back this year. The scent is a little different. Seems more minty over the cookie (vanilla?) lean it had last year. If you don’t like mint, this isn’t the one for you! I see the description says wood and eucalyptus, but it used to smell like cookies to me and now it smells like minty eucalyptus. Still my favorite texture though. I’ll definitely be buying this every year it’s released. Can you make it more woody next year tho?


Smells so good

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