Snowy Christmas Morning

Butter Snow Fizz Slime
Forest Green + White
Freshly-Cut Christmas Tree (with notes of pine needle & fresh chopped wood)
Holographic Snowflake Glitter (in small bag)
Not Edible
Size: 5oz
Snowy Christmas Morning Christmas Slime Gift For Kids Green White Tree Scented Clay Creamy Crunchy Butter Snow Fizz Slime Fantasies Shop 9oz Front View Decoration Closer

Snowy Christmas Morning


Snowy Christmas Morning

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

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Lisa T.
Texture is so goooood

This may be my favorite fizz slime. It's so crunchy and stretchy almost like stirring rice krispies into marshmallows. The smell is great...not too strong.

Celia Paz

The slime is so crunchy and smells so goodd!!!!

Vanessa Berkheimer
This Slime is SO Good

I got this for Christmas and it's so good. It is so fun to play with, it makes the best sounds, the texture is so satisfying. I can get some bubble pops out of it if I do it right. The smell is refreshing and doesn't get old. The color is strikingly beautiful especially when mixed and it doesn't stain. Seriously, I have no complaints. I'm excited to try more textures.

Teresa McCarthy

It arrived just like it did in the image. The only flaw was it was a bit sticky, but they sent an already-made activator! I would recommend this shop

Helen Bradley
Fast shipping

I have only looked in the box because it is a Christmas present. I can’t say how the slime feels but it looks amazing. The shipping was shockingly fast. I have ordered from online shops before and this was the best customer service I have ever received. Thanks so much and I can’t wait for my daughter to open it!!

melissa anderson

Incredible. This is my first time purchasing and the fact it's not candy/sweet scented is great! It helps me anxiety and it's nice and a bit crunchy

Smell so real!!

This gives all the fresh Christmas tree smell and sounds like crunching through icy snow. I love it!!

A great Christmas slime

I thought I would be obsessed with this one and I wasn't but that isn't the slimes fault, its just my preferences. I was impressed that the green really doesn't stain and I thought it might. The pine scent used isn't my preferred Christmas tree scent - it smells a tiny bit like cleaner vs tree but it's still a nice scent. This slime is definitely crunchy and fun to mix! Edit -- after playing with the slime for about a week the pine scent sort of mellowed and I love it now! Slime Fantasies really knocks it out of the park with their scents.

Very impressed

This slime was pretty awesome. I loved how it combined together and was amazed that the green part of the slime didn't stain anything.

Alice Rawlings
Lots of Christmas fun

First off, the smell was 100% on point of a fresh cut Christmas tree! 😍

I loved the texture of this slime and how well it all mixed together. It was a little sticky but I added the provided activator and the problem was fixed.

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