Scoops Ahoy: Stranger Strawberry

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Size: DIY Set
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Scoops Ahoy: Stranger Strawberry


Scoops Ahoy: Stranger Strawberry

Size: DIY Set

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Janine Daniel
Stranger Strawberry!

This has become one of my favorites from the Stranger Things collection. At first it was very sticky but with a drop or two of activator it was perfect. After mixing everything together the texture is amazing! It smells really good. Once again we are happy customers!

Maddie Lee
Great slime!

I like the texture, and the scent is so amazing. Yeah, and the color it turns into is pretty.

Chef’s Kiss 💋

This slime was a 10/10!! It smelled just like strawberry yogurt! Assembling it was so much fun and playing with was even funnier! I do have to say the smell is strong.

Ryan Emond

Smells great and has awesome texture

Kayla Hood
Smells sooo good, super stretchy and inflatable!

I ordered three slimes (this one, marshmallow, and tiramisu) from slime fantasies and this one was BY FAR my favorite!!

It's more inflatable than I expected, it might even be more inflatable than the marshmallow slime! The clay ice cream scoop was super soft and I loved assembling it with the cherry drizzle. I have played with it everyday for three weeks and it hasn't started to show signs of wearing down yet, that is a great quality slime (especially for one that contains clay)!

I have two suggestions for improvement:

- I love the slime type descriptions on your normal slime containers, but this slime didn't have that. Could you add the slime description to your future "special edition" slime containers?

- Also, I'd love to see a charm or two included with this DIY slime. Maybe a cherry 🍒

Camille Loyola

Feels and smells great! Super fun to play and assemble.

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So fun!

Very fun to assemble, love the strawberry scent. Texture is nice and fun to play with as well! Mixing it in was so so fun and I'm living for these stranger slimes!

Alex Akers

Ok my friend got me this slime for my birthday wich was Friday and omg I love this slime. As a big stranger things fan I think this is one of the best slime ideas/inventions in the shop. Definitely recommend!

My new favorite slime

My first Dyi slime and I love it! The texture is great, fluffy and super fun to play with. The smell is great sweet strawberry. Super easy to put together and super fun to destroy.

Kathleen Forney
Love it

So fun to mix & play with. I'm going to have to buy another one for my son cause he keeps stealing love everything about it

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