Raspberry Cake Crunch

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Size: 5oz
Raspberry Cake Crunch Pink Layered Crunchy Butter Snow Fizz Slime Fantasies Shop 9oz Front View

Raspberry Cake Crunch


Raspberry Cake Crunch

Size: 5oz

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Nieves Strawn
slime for kids

I got this slime for my daughter and she loves it. She loves the smell and the feel of the slime.

Cora C.
so satisfying and crunchy

this slime was so good and it had a wonderful texture that crunched every time I squished it. the one thing that was a minor flaw for me was that after a few days of having the slime and taking good care of it, it started to shrink just a tiny bit, but it was definitely noticeable. also, I was only getting white chocolate in the scent, and I couldn't smell anything else, but I know that some people do like that so it's not that big of a deal. the slime was crunchy and it was super satisfying to mix together in the beginning. I really liked this slime and I will definitely be buying from slime fantasies again. tysm!


I am obsessed ! It’s so crunchy and satisfying. It helps so much with my anxiety! Thank you!

Smell is fantastic

The slime is very crunchy and stretchy. The feel is unreal. Next up we are getting garlic bread scented !!!!

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While I've been on the fence about the scent of this slime since I got it, I still really love playing with it! I love the texture and it's actually very inflatable which is a huge plus for me. Texture is great and mixing it was very fun.


Okay, the scent!!! I love it! Will be buying this one again! It was super satisfying to mix and the crunchies are the best! I didn't feel like I needed to eat the slime but I couldn't stop smelling it! So good!

Fun to mix!

The slime was super fun to mix and stretch! It has a very pleasant scent and texture as well. I wish it was a bit crunchier but that’s just my own personal preference. Otherwise a great slime!

Kiara Zapata
My favorite so far!

I was so impressed with this slime! Aesthetically, it really looked like one of those jar cakes that are trending right now. And the addition of the crumb sprinkles that you can add on top was.. well.. the icing on the cake! It’s truly a beautifully aesthetic slime and the crunch texture is my FAVORITE. So sizzley and satisfying and CRUNCHY.

I did notice one thing, which wasn’t a huge deal at all, but the icing on top was like a rose pink color instead of the white in the pictured product. Again, not a huge deal for me. My order did take an extra week to arrive (because of issues with USPS, not the company) so I wonder if maybe that’s why some of my slimes looked different or more mixed than what is pictured since they probably got jostled around a lot and stayed in the heat for a bit.

Dawn Lee
Perfection in a jar

This is my favorite slime so far. The ratio of butter slime to snow fizz is spot on. You get the stretch and elasticity of the butter slime while still keeping the satisfying sizzle of the snow fizz. The scent is more chocolate than raspberry

Kaitlyn C.
All the crunch without the sticky

10/10 recommend this slime if you like the crunch and pops. I love that its a butter slime base, so won't stick to your hands like a bingsu slime. The scent is delicious.

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