Pumpkin Guts

Cloud Slime
Pumpkin Guts (Warm Pumpkin Spice & Freshly Grated Orange Zest)
2 Pumpkin Eraser Charms (on top of slime)
Not Edible
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Size: 5oz
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Pumpkin Guts


Pumpkin Guts

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

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This slime is so amazing my bf plays with this every single day! He loves the color, the scent, the texture. I would buy this slime in a huge quantity if I could. He even stole the slime to keep at his house. You have to buy this one if you love soft slimes that are fall related and have a warm pumpkin orange scent<3


I love the smell. My only complaint is my slime is wet & leaves a little residue on my hands after I play with it. I didn’t add any activator in it so I’m not sure what’s wrong. I have all of my slime stored in a cool space so they don’t melt.

Cassandra Rhode
Best Drizzles EVER

This is the best cloud slime Ive ever had

Tara Truman
Great cloud

As always another great product from this company! I don't usually buy cloud slime just lately I have though and this is definitely A GREAT CLOUD! It's structure is great and the smell is amazing! Slime fantasies is absolutely a great company with great products!

Annabeth Wendler
Perfect pumpkin

I was very excited to get this slime and it didn't disappoint, very unique scent that I find wonderful. Texture is nice and fluffy!

Hanna Allen
A great slime!

The smell is a little strong but it's true to the description and is fun to play with!

Zoe Reid
Awesome scent and texture

A fall must have for me now—my boyfriend loves when I play with this one because he likes the autumnul pumpkin pie scent

It was just okay

The smell was way too strong for me and the slime had quite a bit of fall out. Doesn’t really drizzle. It was okay though. Not my favourite

My favorite cloud slime ever!

I bought this slime last year, then I lost it :( I was so happy they brought it back, because I feel that it is by far the best texture cloud slime I have ever bought!


I LOVE their cloud slimes, they are absolutely incredible. This one had a great smell and is my favorite out of the 16 slimes I have from their shops. The fallout is annoying though, so play with it over a hard surface so that you can pick the fallout up again so the volume of the slime doesn’t decrease over time. But overall would HIGHLY reccomend, a very unique and different texture.

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