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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Great smell, unique texture!

    As somebody who is new to slime, I was a little worried about not liking a texture that wasn't entirely smooth, but this turned out to be a great surprise! The crunchiness isn't odd or irritating, and the slime itself is fun to stretch and squeeze.


    Thank you for the slimes


    this slime is very nice, great texture! my only complaint is the smell its not a bad smell it just gives me a head ache 🤕 when I play with it for to long, but that’s probably because i’m kinda sensitive to fragrances. i’m a big Fantasy slimes fan and I will be soon to purchase more.

    It was GOOD : )

    It was fun playing with this slime. The slime was a tiny bit sticky at first and it did not smell that good, but looking past that it is a great slime.

    Good, but not exactly as advertised

    I recently purchased this slime, and I just want to start by saying that I absolutely love it! The texture is wonderful, and the scent is really nice, though a bit strong. I was out of town when the slime came in, and it was sitting in my room for about a week before I was able to play with it. It was only slightly sticky, but after a bit of playing it was perfectly fine. Despite all the positives, I did find some negatives. The white snow fizz part was a lot smaller than it was in the advertisement, and the glitter and sprinkles I received did not quite match the ones in the pictures. The glitter was a LOT more fine, and the sprinkles I received were not the same as the ones pictured. The sprinkles I got are circular as well as the traditional “pill” sprinkle shape. Not a single heart. Another complaint I have is that once everything was mixed in, I couldn’t see or feel the sprinkles like- at all. I’m not too upset with this because I know there’s a lot going on right now in the world, though I am a bit iffy with how I didn’t exactly get what was advertised. Nonetheless, it’s a high quality slime, and I can’t give it anything under a 4.

    Amazing! New Customer right here!

    i absolutely loved both slimes i got so much! i’ll be buying again really soon!

    Haven't Received anything!

    This is crazy, I would love to review your product but I still haven't received it. I'm truly wondering if you are fraudulent.

    Princess Bread

    I would give my order a 7 out of 10 the slime scent just wasn’t for me but I loved the texture the shipping did take a little longer than normal but the slime owner quickly resolved the problem overall I thought this was a good purchase

    Fantastic Slime

    This was bought as a birthday gift for my girlfriend, and she was super excited to open the slime. And she loves this slime so much! This was an amazing slime.

    Love it!!

    Super amazing! I also love the scent, but the slime came hard at first but then when you play with it, it turns really well!!!