Penguin Fur

Not Edible
Size: 4oz
Penguin Fur Cloud Slime

Penguin Fur


Penguin Fur

Size: 4oz

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Noelia Romero
Best slime.

Slime cake packaged nicely! There was also no extra activator needed. It was great!

Amazing Cloud Slime

This cloud slime is so dense and dry and makes amazing drizzles! You won’t find a better cloud! This was my first slime purchased from this shop and it was so good I immediately went back for more!

Jennifer Harris
Really Impressed

My daughter loved all of the slimes we ordered. This one was super unique in texture and smelled great!

Anessa Abdisho
So nice

I honestly didnt know it left like peices of texture behind but that dosnt even ruin the slime tbh i lovebit so much ve never had cloud slime before but this one is amazing! The scent of blue rasberry is soo good and the drizzle is perfect it got kinda hard after not using it for a while so reactivated it and its better than before!

Trisha Rogers
Penguin Fur

I bought this for my daughter and she loves it! She said this is the highest quality slime she has. She twists it and drizzles it and it smells really good- like blueberry candy!

Such a soft slime!

This is one of the first slimes I've bought and I do not regret it! It's soft and smells amazing!

Paige E.
Smells just like blueberries!

This cloud slime is amazing! The blueberry scent is so great, it’s probably my favorite slime scent! This slime becomes so soft and fluffy and has such great drizzles! I love the blue color, too! Love this slime!!!

Blueberry Cloud

This slime was so soft! It smells like blueberries and is a beautiful blue color. It was a tad bit sticky at first, but was easily fixed with the activator. Overall, a great slime and only left a little bit of residue.

Heidy Muniz
Cloud slime review

This slime is my absolute favorite the drizzles are great and the smell is heavenly!!! I totally recommend it! There is a little residue but it is still so amazing!!!

I love it but,

I love the slime but the containers we kind of empty and I had to add slime to my penguin fur slime because it wasn’t right. But either way I still love it.❤️

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