Oreo Cheesecake

Not Edible
Size: 5oz
Oreo Cheesecake Butter Floam

Oreo Cheesecake


Oreo Cheesecake

Size: 5oz

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I love this slime. The texture is amazing and I love the scent. I love Oreos so this is great. It doesn't stick to anything and it is so creamy and spreadable. I 100% recommend this slime.

5 out of 5

The slime was packaged really well and it did not get damaged in the mail. I really liked the scent, and it didn’t get mixed so I liked seeing it turn into a pretty grey colour while playing with it. I also enjoyed the texture. It was a bit sticky but after adding some activator it turned into a perfect texture. Overall I enjoyed this slime and would recommend it.

Sophia DeMella

It’s amazing

Meghan Greek
So much fun!

Such a great texture and all of the scents I bought are amazing!

Jasmine robinson
Good slime

The slime overall was good it was a bit sticky when it came but when i kneaded it, it was better. Personally i liked the scent of the slime (My brother did not). I also got the mint oreo ice cream. That is a good slime too. The only problem i had with this slime was I COULDN'T GET IT BACK IN ITS CONTAINER. Overall i was satisfied with this slime. My brother and I will be buying more slime from here.

That scent... wow

This has to be the best smelling slime I’ve purchased to date, and I have a LOT. I love the color of this one, and I’m a huge fan of the texture - very soft and I love the floam. But the scent... holy crap, I should have bought a bigger jar!

Renee Broadnax

Initially the slime was very sticky (probably due to shipping) and my son didn’t want to touch it. After a little activator and mixing, he loved the slime! I liked the scent!

Chelsea Dranberg
Oreo Cheesecake - Perfect

A solid 5 out of 5. The packaging is super cute! Did not get damaged in transit. Did not mix in transit, which is great because I had way more fun mixing them together. Great containers. Scent, ooooh my goodness was the scent on point! I know slime is not safe to eat but man did I want to! It wasn't too strong or too weak, just perfect. It was a tad sticky upon arrival but I just put some activator on my hands and rubbed it in and once the slime was mixed it was no longer sticky, but also I have dry hands. Turned a really pretty charcoal gray after mixing. The foam beads give it a great texture. I'm not good with the ASMR descriptions but you can poke it and get smaller bubble pops. It is super stretchy and definitely inflates. Over all I'm super satisfied with Oreo Cheesecake. If I could give it extra stars I would!

Molly Morrow

This is an amazing slime! Smells so amazing! Just like Oreo cheesecake. So much fun to mix together! The butter part of the slime is sooooo nice! I absolutely love the texture with the floam is so satisfying! If you love butter slimes, I recommend this slime!!

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