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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 74 reviews
    Love this slime!!

    I got this slime a couple of weeks ago. I really love it. It has a really nice texture and it’s really fun to play with. I didn’t like how much residue it left on my hands. I also didn’t like how to colors all mixed together quickly. It makes a nice lavender at the end. The last thing I didn’t like was that the slime stuck to the charm and dried up. This was only a little bit of slime though. For these reasons I think this slime deserves 4 stars.


    Once Upon a Slime

    My first cloud slime!

    Once Upon a Slime is my first cloud slime and it was exactly as I had hoped. The separate colours were beautiful and when mixed together, they created a gorgeous colour. The fragrance of the slime is light and very pleasant. I practised drizzling and it was fun and quite easy to do, as the slime fluffs up after one pull! I regret not purchasing a larger container, as the fluffing and drizzling experience was great with a 4oz, but I could just imagine how much more dramatic it would have been with more slime to play with. There is some fallout and residual snow left on the hands, but it comes off easily and it is to be expected. I am enjoying my experience with this slime. The prices are fair. It is unfortunate that shipping and duty charges end up costing more than the slime. This is not the vendor's fault, but it is something to keep in mind when you are purchasing from another country.

    So relieved,an amazing slime!

    I really wanted this slime but saw three videos where the key had rusted in the slime.But I took the risk and bought it anyway. Im glad I did because The key was separate from the slime and the colors were beautiful and not stiff at all. Will definitely buy again!


    This slime has a amazing drizzle💕. It was so much fun to mix and and I might have to get this in a 8oz next time. I definitely recommend this slime all of the other Slimes I got were amazing too

    One of the best cloud slimes!

    I love this cloud slime so much. I usually don’t like cloud smiles, especially wet textures but this one is so amazing! Plus, this scent IS THE BEST SMELL EVER!


    The color, texture, SMELL absolutely amazing. One of my faves!


    So fluffy and drizzly! Scented so wonderfully too!


    This slime has a amazing drizzle and such a pretty color!!!! The only thing is it has some snow fall out but that dose not really bother me.

    Great... Me and my daughter lovvveedd

    This is actually the first time we ever bought slime already made because we make it at home the texture of this particular one I loved so much the only thing I didn't like was how it felt afterwards on my hands so always immediately wash my hands ours did not turn out whenever we received it in the mail it didn't look anything like this picture unfortunately but it does do the texture and the same look as this particular windows until we give it two thumbs up the one in the picture is absolutely beautiful we are again first time buyers and we followed several sign people on Instagram and we were pleased with this one thank you