DIY Slime - Ohh..Honey!

Glossy Clay Slime + Clear Slime + Clay = DIY Clay Slime
Creamy Honey Dessert with notes of white honey and vanilla
1 oz Honey, Honeycomb Clay Piece, & Bee Pollen (in a sprinkle bag)
Not Edible
Size: DIY Set (Regular)
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DIY Slime - Ohh..Honey!


DIY Slime - Ohh..Honey!

Size: DIY Set (Regular)

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krissy costa
Always perfection

The smell is amazing and they always provide you with the supplies to ensure your slime works for you, they are my favorite when shopping for slime!

Oh, honey is right! :)

This is my second favorite slime right behind the Banana Cutie. This slime smells sooo good, like a sweet honey but with depth, really nice dessert smell. It is pillowy soft and fun to play with and swirly stretchy.

Jess Rachubka
Amazing and sweet as honey

Loved this order, it smelled amazing, it lasts, it is satisfying and also comes with a good amount and all the things you need to adjust as needed for stickiness, def try these guys out!!

Disappointing smell

I loooove milk and honey but this slime's smell is overwhelmingly chemical, I don't think I'll be able to play with it at all.

Favorite slime I’ve ever bought!

This slime was amazing to assemble and the honeycomb piece came perfect. I wouldn’t say it smells like honey but honey doesn’t really have a smell. I like that it’s thick. 1million percent recommend!!!!

So much fun!

I got this as my first clay slime (I finally upgraded from beginner slimes lol) and I was worried my daughter wouldn't be able to play with it with me because she had issues with the stickiness in my snow fizz slime, but we had a blast mixing everything together. It got all over her hands and the table to the point I was worried, but you can just gather it up and unstick all the slime into a ball and play with it like normal (with the help of some activator which they always send). It was so fun to mix together. Smell not too strong at all, but that's not a huge miss for me.

Smells like banana?

A very nice texture, but it smells far more like banana Laffy Taffy than it does honey.

Sara Pasiak
First ever slime!!

This was my first ever slime purchase and I’m in love. I have a medical condition that makes handling slimes difficult, but this one is easier for me! The texture is great and I loved constructing it. I don’t LOVE the smell but it’s not bad at all. Will be buying again!

Sara Gravley
Pollen falls out of slime

The product is really fun to use and smells great. The individual textures and the combined texture is great. However, the “pollen” included falls out of the slime and makes a mess. If I were to purchase again I just wouldn’t put the pollen in, it doesn’t affect the texture anyway.


This was a fun slime with a great scent but unfortunately it came to me almost entirely melted. I had to use nearly the entire bottle of activator to reactivate both the clear and the glossy slime. The clear slime was definitely worse off. It was likely due to it being ordered in the summer but was still a bit of a disappointment.
Might order again in the colder months in hopes of a proper consistency.

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