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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    Pretty Awesome!

    If it was an option I would give 4 and a half! A little sticky which will use the activator dust for! Which was a great thing to include! With choosing mystery slime I can’t be too picky because I didn’t pick the slime. So not my dream slime. The smell wasn’t the best. But hey it was pretty awesome! I love it!

    Mystery slime

    The slime was so nice and had an amazing smell, it has a good consistency.


    I’ve not purchased a slime from this company that I haven’t loved!

    Mystery slime review :)

    hiiii i just want to say i loved your slime🥰 even though at first i was kinda skeptical of getting a slime that i wouldn’t know what I’m getting but i actually liked it. it was kind of like a yellow ice slime & the smell was nice even though i cant figure out what kind of smell it is lol & the slime got a lot bigger so i thought that was nice also, but overall you have very good slimes & i can see myself getting more from you :)) & thanks 4 the lollipop

    Great slime!

    We think we might have gotten the macaroonfilling and it’s amazing in texture and smell.. soo good that we came back for more slime!

    Absolutely Amazing

    For my mystery slime, I recieved an absolutely beautiful glossy slime. The color is really unique, a light cool toned brown. It's sort of like a lighter, more tan colored Nutella slime. it has tiny flecks of black glitters that are completely adorable. It's very soft, but also incredibly thick, and makes amazing bubble pops though it's also just a really great slime to hold while you play with it. It arrived perfectly activated. It smells like chai tea or pumpkin spice if I were to guess, it's a really beautiful spiced scent that makes me wish I was in a cafe. I am not a huge fan of glossy slimes. I find the texture is too "bouncy" rather than having the softness of a clay, butter, or cloud slime. But this, despite still having that clear glossy texture, was still pliable and really perfect texture wise for me. It didn't overinflate horribly, which for me is a plus- I'm always kind of distressed and don't know what to do when I can't fit my slime back into its container, so that was a big plus. If I could I'd buy this a thousand times over. I really hope they add this to their shop someday- it seems to be exclusive to mystery so far! 10/10!


    Love the slime

    Love these surprise slimes!

    I'm not sure of which slimes I received - they both appear to be two-toned layered snow slimes! One smells like strawberry with a hint of (pepper)mint, and was two tones of pink; the other was orange layered on white and smells sweet, could be Pumpkin Guts without any orange scent? Would love to know but it doesn't make a difference to me! I was only supposed to receive one surprise slime with the promo, but I got two instead (and I honestly prefer that to candy extras!). Thanks so much Tina!


    It smelled like apples and was I think a butter slime..?
    My only criticism is that if you drop your slime on the sticker on top of the container, it ruins the sticker! Not a major thing, but it is very hard to get off.