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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Totally recommend

    😁This slime is my first slime I have bought online from a slime company and it is my absolute favorite slime I have ever had or touched which I have touched a ton so I think you should totally buy this slime😁

    Aubrey Yowler
    Incredible product smell is amazing but goes away

    Love it just make sure not to play with it to much or the smell will go away but overall this product is insanely incredible

    Mrs. Claus' Cookie Dough Review

    At first, the slime was really hard to drizzle because of the foam chunks. Also, I have to mention that the scent was a little too powerful and it made my stomach hurt. But after a while, I got used to the scent so it wasn't that bad. I took out the foam chunks but it still wouldn't drizzle good. Although, I liked it better without the foam chunks. There was no fall out though. I think the slime will be loads better if you guys make the slime drizzle more, take out the foam chunks, and fix the scent. Thank you so much, I enjoyed my purchase.

    Julia S
    Sweet addicting slime :)

    I LOVE this slime. I have adhd and my hands always need to be busy, so I play with this when I'm watching TV or just on its own as a stress reliever. It smells delicious and I love all the sprinkles and chunks! I only gave this 4 stars because when I play with it for awhile, I get a lot of small white crystals on me (maybe I'm just being too aggressive with it haha)

    Strong and gorgeous!

    I absolutely love the chocolate chip cookie dough slime I've ordered previously, and this has that same texture but is a bit smoother in terms of stretch which is amazing. The smell is very similar to the sugar cookie slime but has a nutmeg / cinammony / nutty scent on top as well. Overall 10/10, the java chunks are SO GOOD. LOVE LOVE.