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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    hendrix f
    Absolutely loved it!

    When I saw this slime, I knew I haddd to have it! I literally saw the scene of El & Max at the mall playing in my head over and over! The texture is absolutely amazing!! Arrived perfectly :) can’t wait to try more slimes from this shop!

    Smells like watermelon lipcloss

    The crunches are my absolute favorite!

    Amazing Slime!

    This slime is one of my favorites! It’s so fun to play with and has the perfect ratio of instant snow to slime. Once mixed, the color is vibrant and fun and the scent is fruity but not too overpowering. I definitely recommend this slime!

    Khayla Bryson
    Best texture

    Love this fizzy slime! And the smell reminded me of a much simpler time! Great job!

    Great Quality All Around

    I loved this Material Girl slime. It was so fun mixing it together and the texture is just fantastic. The scent is perfectly named too- smells JUST like watermelon lip gloss!

    The smell takes me back to an easier time

    I love love love the smell of this one. The texture only makes it better with the sounds it makes! I'm chronically ill and filled with anxiety and the moment I opened this container I was just taken back to when I was a kid with my little watermelon lip smackers and filled with energy. The description truly does not lie about it smelling just like the lip smackers! I got other slimes from this Stranger Things collection but this one by far is my favorite!

    Nicole Motsch
    Delicious and crunchy

    This slime smells divine - perfect for summer. Very tropical but not too heavy. The texture is just the right balance of crispy and smooth to give your hands a nice massage while your eyes enjoy the vibrant color!

    Texture and smell are so great!

    Such a fun, successful slime! I love the texture and the DIY aspect here. It was so fun to assemble and I love how the two colors combined to be this perfect 1980s shade of green. The smell is very similar to the watermelon crush slime you guys already have, but it’s really good despite that! Kudos to your label artist for the super cute material girl 80s art!