Lavender Lemon Freeze (2021 Edition)

Icee Slime
Purple + Pastel Yellow = Pastel Purple
Lavender Lemonade with notes of tart citrus and calming florals
Lavender Lemonade Sprinkle Mix (in a sprinkle bag)
Not Edible
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Size: 5oz
Lavender Lemon Freeze Purple Yellow Refreshing Calming Summer Sprinkles Icee Slime Fantasies Shop 7oz Front View

Lavender Lemon Freeze (2021 Edition)


Lavender Lemon Freeze (2021 Edition)

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

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This is the slime that turned Slime Fantasies into my favorite slime shop because of THE SMELL!!! Truly a wonderful blend of scents that I can't stop smelling and I adore the icey texture. The sweet lemonade smell is definitely the strongest of the smell but you can tell it has a hint in lavender too.


It is by far the best icee slime I have ever gotten!! It feels so good and smells amazing but doesn’t make your entire house smell like it!!! I absolutely love it! It ends up a pretty purple/pinkish color and the add ins are so fun and cute!!🍋💐💜💛

Love the smell !

8/10 texture
10/10 scent
Feels really nice in my hands. When playing with it the icee bits comes off on your hands

That smelly smell

This was my least favorite of the four that I bought. It’s so sticky I can’t really handle it and it doesn’t seem icy at all. I’ve used the activator to fix it and it just doesn’t do anything. It smells great and looks beautiful but it was so sticky I couldn’t really handle it well. Bummer, hopefully their other icy slimes have more of a sizzle to them.

Overall good

There isnt much of a lavender smell and its more of a slow stretch slime. The shipping was well within the time frame. The slime does leave a wet sticky residue but that is to be expected of a icee slime.

Amazing slime and service!

The slime is amazing and I really felt appreciated when I bought it! Definitely worth it.

The scent and texture

The scent is honestly so strong its only lemon. There really isn't any lavender scent to this at all. The lemon smell is also a bit odd smelling to me. It smells very very artificial. The texture is nice but there isn't a lot of stretch to it until it crumbles. It feels more like a cloud slime than icee ones i've had before. The charms are really useless as well since you cant see them very well. I wish it had more than a teaspoon of charms in it.

Rachel Jardot
Love it!

The smell and texture are great! My kids love it!

Jade Newcomer
Great smell

This is THE best smelling slime EVERRRR! It smells so good and the texture is amazing!

Kena Bush
A really good price

It was a really good price it smells so good the texture is amazing all around amazing slime.

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