Waikiki Beach

Cloud Creme Slime (Clear + Cloud Dough + Cloud)
Turquoise + White + Sand = Pastel Turquoise
Pina Colada (with notes of creamy coconut & juicy pineapple)
Fake Sand & Pearls (on bottom of slime)
Not Edible
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Size: 5oz
Waikiki Beach Summer Beach Hawaii Scented Clear Cloud Creme Cream Slime Fantasies Shop 7oz Front View

Waikiki Beach


Waikiki Beach

Size: 5oz

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Nicole Julson
Waikiki Beach Slime

My daughter was so surprised when she got her slime. She loved the smell of it so much and was impressed by the amount you get. We will order again. Amazon slimes will not be ordered again in this house. Thank you for the amazing slime!

Ocean Lover

I love ocean slime like Staci I love coconut too I have not gotten it but looks amazing and beautiful and tells you the true size so you don't get a ripoff like Amazon sometimes has. So even though I have not gotten it it seems like an AMAZING slime! Have a good day!:)

Angela Padilla
Very nice

I love the smell and it looks so pretty in the container when you first get it.

Victor Silva
Soooo good

The scent smell and texture is so good I am so happy this song smells like lotion they really did put in care

Sue Hudson
Looked like picture but when it is mixed,...

Looked like picture but when it is mixed, just blah color but knew it would. Scent is excellent, and texture also---ALMOST makes up for the final color. Wish I could add a dab of color to make it look better-oh well.

Linda W
Not our fave

While the scent was nice the overall texture was not like the many others in comparison. Not one of my kids faves at all sadly. Wrote to customer service and it basically is what it is. Would definitely not get his kind of blend again as it resulted in tough slime for us.

R c
Great product

Amazing scent and texture

gorgeous slime

It is among the most beautiful slimes I've ever seen. When you take it out of the jar, it looks and smells lovely. You get this pale green slime when you combine everything.

Beachy Vibes

I am OBSESSED with anything ocean and beach related, so of course I had to order this slime. My order came very quickly and while I was a little dissapointed with the size of the containers, the slime itself is wonderful. Very soft texture and wonderful smell. The clear blue reminds me of the sea and the soft white reminds me of the sand and sea foam. It's so pretty I don't even want to play with it or mess it up. However I know eventually I won't be able to resist!

Myriam Berube-LeBlanc
Great slime :)

Fun to mix and smells great!

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