Fried Churro Cheesecake

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Size: 7oz
Fried Churro Cheesecake Snow Fizz Butter Slime

Fried Churro Cheesecake


Fried Churro Cheesecake

Size: 7oz

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Jade Wright
A wonderfully textured slime, lacking in the scent department

This slime has a wonderful, wonderful texture. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how thick yet fizzy it gets. I didn't get much time to play with it but I really enjoyed what time I did. Only downside is it only smells of a very strong fake cinnamon scent, it's very overwhelming and leans far away from churro as it's a bit chemically. I was hoping the clay part would have a bit of cheesecake or a yogurt scent I've seen in other slimes, but no. It's labelled as a cheesecake slime but I was sad to find that not even a hint of cheesecake scent was in here, considering that's one of my favorite scents in slime. The cinnamon smell also sticks to anything it touches- my desk, my hands, etc. I tried washing multiple times to no avail. If you like the fake cinnamon scent, then it's worth the risk for the texture of this slime. But overall, I'm going to have to shelve it almost immediately because the smell became overstimulating very quickly.

Lovay Estrella

The rougher but airy texture feels nice and the smell makes you hungry! The slime smells like churros!

Good but a little things are off

First off the slime came a little bit deactivated but that’s probably because I haven’t touched it for five months when It arrived besides that the texture was OK I had a little bit of activator and I added my own clay after playing with it for a little bit just to make the slime a little bit bigger because the 5 ounces is super tiny not to mention the fact that it kind of shrunk the scent didn’t really smell like fried churro cheesecake it’s kind of an interesting smell how I would describe it is brown sugar cinnamon and some sweet vanilla it’s hard to describe the texture is also very interesting it’s soft and creamy but you can’t really spread it without it kind of making a whole bunch of holes if that makes sense I like the color but it could be a little bit darker I would definitely buy from slime fantasies again but I wouldn’t recommend getting the 5 ounce size and that’s kind of overpriced for the amount you get.

Aki Asahata
Fried churro

I love Texture


I love this slime it is super soft and the one complain i have is that the slime scent is too strong it gives me a headache overall THIS I A GREAT SLIME!!

Denise Giry
One Of Their Best Smiles!

Honestly this is my favorite slime ever. I actually bought this one to mix in with my first fried cherro cheesecake. The smell is on point and one of my favorite slime sents When I got this one, it was holdable straight out of the jar. This first one I got was very sticky and I had to reactivate it but that was because it was during the middle of summer and I left the box in my room for a bit.

Chelsea Williams
Enjoy this one!

It smells great, is soft, and I enjoy the fizzy texture.

Joshua Moran
Lovely but one minor problem

I loved this slime the texture and smell where amazing! The only minor problem I had is that it didn’t come with as much “powered sugar” as in the picture overall this was An amazing slime!

Taylor Weissend
fried churro cheesecake

The fried churro cheesecake slime is incredible!! It smells like a yummy, cinnamony churro not overpowering at all. The texture is incredible! The base is an off white butter slime that is super soft, buttery and thick. The top part is a crunchy sizzle slime that you get to top off with a faux cinnamon sugar. The experience is fun and it really opens my senses and relaxez me. Thank you slime fantasies! Best slimes ever, HIGHLY recommend

Fantastic slime

I'm a new slimer and this was my first order of slime from this shop, as well as my first slime of this sort of texture. Mine came a *little* mixed in transit so I didn't get to feel the snow fizz layer exactly as it was intended, but I still had the fun of mixing it!

It feels absolutely wonderful and is so addicting to play with. So smooth but with a bit of texture when all blended. I was worried I might not like the smell because of some of the reviews but it smells heavenly to me!

I also like how Slime Fantasies 5oz slimes are small and holdable. This is the best slime shop I've ordered from so far and I will 100% be ordering more!

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