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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Slime is amazing

    I love the slime it is so beautiful and the texture is amazing it feels so nice. Thank you slime fantasies for my order.


    These are incredible. It’s so fun each on individually and they all smell incredible. The princess bread is definitely my favorite. That scent!!!

    Libby Meadows
    Great Bundle!

    Very great slime bundle with amazing scents! The slimes themselves were really fun to mix together and add the add-ins. The concept of each one is really cute too!

    Jiali D.-T.
    Great Slimes !

    The bundle was very nice overall but with minor flaws, such as two of them being slightly sticky, which can easily be fixed with activator. The add-ins were beautiful but the smells were a bit off-putting as they were a tiny bit too strong for my taste, but still a very nice choice for the scents ! In any case, would definitely recommend for people wanting to try new types of slime textures and fragrances !

    Shanika Taylor
    Pretty Slime!

    This slime looks so pretty & I know my daughter will love it!

    Jennifer Daniels-Roy
    Magically happy

    Part of my first time slime order. Was pretty happy. Scent is pretty light and sweet. Had bought these to give out as gifts but I couldnt resists playing with them so now I think I will be keeping them.

    Savannah Nichols
    Relaxing and Smells Amazing!!

    I bought this bundle for myself and two of my coworkers as an early Christmas gift. We each keep our slime on our desks and knead it whenever we're stressed. It's really relaxing to use and smells great. It's perfect for fidgeters who need something to do with their hands.

    Rachel Jones

    My little girl does not know that I brought her this slime. I received my first order the other day and I can't wait till she opens it for Xmas. I also ordered her friend the unicorn bread bundle as well.

    Marilyn Vang
    Slimes the best

    My sister and I love these newest slimes and had a good mix of colors. Thank you for these slimes!