Emotional Support Slime

Cloud Creme Slime (Jelly + Cloud Dough)
Yellow + Pink + White = Peachy
Uplifting Essential Oil Blend (orange, tangerine, lemon, lime, & grapefruit)
Not Edible
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Size: 5oz
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Emotional Support Slime


Emotional Support Slime

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I bought this previously and this is my second purchase. It should give you an idea of how much I love this slime.

Chloe H
Perfect cloud slime. Totally recommend !

It smells so good, lemons and grapefruit ( my fav ) Came beautifully packed with colours of the sunrise. After mixing it all together, it turned into a pale pretty salmon pick colour. Love it so much !!! 100% recommend. Totally worth it !

Love the Citrus Scent

This emotional support slime is a great slime to have for those who especially love oranges. The texture of it is especially squishy and even the positive affirmation quote on the front is amazing as well. Highly recommend :)

Anndee Allen
Smells so good

This slime is everything I hoped it would be but it wasn't filled all the way, there is about an inch of space from the top

Madeleine Martinod
LOVE this slime!!!

First time buying slime...hands down the best slime ever! The smell is incredible and the texture💕...Will definitely buy again😍

Halston Seeley
The Perfect Slime

The colors, the texture, the SMELL! I loved mixing this slime together, and I gifted one to my boss as well who adores this slime. It sizzles really well with play too so I love that sound which isn't common with these cloud cremes but this slime is perfect!

Jamie Saks
A real favorite

The texture on this is fantastic - and the smell is sublime. The mix of subtle citrus scents is bright & uplifting - it's like liquid sunshine! I find myself opening the lid just to take a whiff when I dont have time to take it out & play. This one is 100% true to it's name. I hope it remains in the catalog for a long time.

Really is emotionally supportive

Very calming. Love the scent. I use this slime for grounding myself.

The best

I love this slime!

Tara Truma
Emotional support

First time buying from this shop !!! The texture was great 👍 and the smell was amazing!!! I have purchased more from this shop I love it !!!

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