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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Amber Pitts
    Simple Awesome

    My Daughter adores Eleven so she was delighted when I ordered this. It was a seamless customer service experience. Well packages, speedy delivery, and worth every penny.

    Emily Jordan
    Loved it!

    I’ve gotten 6 slimes from here and this is easily probably one of my favorites! Smells so good, and so fun to assemble and play with.

    Afton Butcher
    Cute DIY

    I love DIY clay slimes and I love stranger things so I had to get this one. I think it was actually delivered on the day that I started the new season so I was watching the show while playing with the new slimes. I like the slime and it is so soft and inflating. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the scent. I expected more of a maple waffle scent but it had a very strong alcohol scent. It reminds me of a sort of coffee cream liquor. I got one of from a different shop that smelled similar and they said that the alcohol smell might happen when too much scent is added. I use slime as kind of a stress/anxiety relief tool so I played with it a little but because the smell made me a little nauseas I haven’t picked it up since. I am hoping that the scent kind of lightens over time.

    So creative and so good!

    This was so much fun to assemble! I adored the three mini eggo waffles and getting to build the little stack of them before mixing them in with the main slime. This was so creative guys! The smell is wonderful too and again I adore the original art on the label! Really made everything tie together!