DIY Slime - Vanilla Rice & Blueberry

DIY Slime (Snow Fizz X Jelly Cube)
White + Deep Purple = Pastel Purple
Vanilla Rice & Blueberry (with notes of sweet vanilla rice, and juicy wild blueberry compote)
1oz Blueberry Sauce Slime (Jelly Cube)
Not Edible
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Size: DIY Set (Large)
Vanilla Rice And Blueberry Crunchy Jelly Cube Snow Fizz Crunchy Slime Fantasies Shop 9oz Front View

DIY Slime - Vanilla Rice & Blueberry


DIY Slime - Vanilla Rice & Blueberry

Size: DIY Set (Large)

Customer Reviews

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Whitilee Neuens
Not my fave

I LOVE LOVE the mango sticky rice slime so I ordered this one, hoping it would be similar. While it is similar in texture, I am not a fan of the overly sweet blueberry smell.

Victoria Hauck
Big Crunches

Loved mixing the blueberry and the rice together and the final color was so pretty. I didn't like the smell as it's more "blueberry pie candle" which smelt artificial. Other than that great ASMR and very soft.

Markus Burdick

This slime is so beautiful and I almost didn’t want to mix them. The mixed slime is still pretty and the texture is wonderful. I couldn’t give it 5 because the smell was a little chemically and I wish it smelled more of vanilla. Overall I still enjoy this slime.

Savanna Salim
Would Recommend

This slime is super nice and stretchy, I love squishing in the jelly cubes! I can’t stop playing with it!


I love Slime Fantasies’ snow fizz slimes! Great texture, no snow fallout, doesn’t get sticky. Jelly blueberries were so fun to squish. Smells like a berry rice pudding.

Brooke Liang
Great Slime!

My package came in a cardboard box with a SUPER CUTE slime fantasies tape, and once opened the package is super cute. It comes with an activator bottle and slime care card, and a little candy(it's fizzy inside the candy!!!). The slime is super great, but at first it was a little stiff. No biggie, after a little bit of playing with it it became super soft and sizzly. This is my first time trying snow fizzes. The jelly cube slime was also a little stiff and it left a sticky residue on my hands but that all became better when I mixed it in. It turned into a super squishy and fizzy not too dense snow fizz slime that was light magenta colored. The jelly cubes are also soooooo satisfying! It's my first time trying a jelly cube from a slime shop, and they are so satisfying to squish. Once squished, the jell cubes look like blueberry puree!! You might need an extra container though, since the slime is super inflatable. Overall, I had a great experience, and definitely will buy from Slime fantasies again.

Ma'ayan Weisberg

The slime is so fun to play with. It is such a pretty color and it has an amazing texture. The cubes are so satisfying to squish.

Natalia Albacete

This may be one of my favorite slimes I've ever bought. This smells AMAZING and the texture is so satisfying. The jelly cubes give the perfect squishy crunch and the texture of the snow fizz with the jelly mixed in is perfect. It smells so good it makes my mouth water when I play with it. (obviously don't eat it...but your kid may want to)

Amazing Texture

The slime was super fun to mix. It turns into a beautiful magenta color and has an amazing texture and smell.

So satisfying!

I normally don’t buy slimes that aren’t soft, but after this one I’m definitely interested in more! The sounds are divine, and the smell is nice but not overpowering. Really fun to crunch and mess around with when you’re bored. The color looks a bit different than the photo when you get the larger size, but I’m glad, since it ended up just a tad lighter (which I was a fan of). Overall a really fun slime that I’d recommend!

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