Cucumber Melon Freeze

Icee Slime
Melon Green
Cucumber Melon with notes of sweet fruit and crisp veggies
Not Edible
Size: 5oz
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Cucumber Melon Freeze


Cucumber Melon Freeze

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

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Nhi Huynh

I got this gift for my niece and she loved it! Definitely buying here again! Great gift too! :)

Amazing texture! Amazing smell

Over all an amazing slime! Love this one just bought a second one because my husband took over my first one lol. The smell is so relaxing 😌

So soft

Absolutely love this slime! The scent is obvious but not overwhelming. The slime itself is so soft and easy to play with.

Tatiana C

So fun to play with and it smells amazing!!

I love it!!!! :D

I’ve shopped here before, and I absolutely love this company! The ordering process is super easy and shipping is amazing! I love this slime and the scent is super nice, I love the fruity icee slimes. I’ll definitely be ordering again soon :)

Love it!

Very soothing & calming scent for me, as I am allergic to lavender the Cucumber melon hits the spot as far as scent goes! The texture is wonderful too

Fef Wuillemr
First slime I've bough

I am a first time slime buyer, shipping to canada is outrageous so thought id write this review to anyone looking out of usa!

So slime took two weeks from ordering to arrive, costed me about 40 bucks to ship (slime price not included) with a few delays. (I know this is not due to the slime shop itself) When I got the package it came very nicely done, a small bag with activator (didn't think it would come with just the one slime) a candy and a card on how to use it. overall packaging was nice

on to the slime:
so when I first opened it to play with it, the lid wasn't tightened properly, it was also just soaking wet. I left it out for a day and a half hoping it would dry up a bit and its only gotten slightly better. Because of this wet soapy-ness I can't play with it for long periods of time, about 3 minutes before my hands start to shrivel up and it becomes uncomfortable. maybe icee slimes are supposed to be really wet? idk. Aside from that its okay, has a nice tug to it, smells like some sour watermelon candy and has quite a bit of fallout after playing with it for a day, enough that its noticeable.

Overall as someone whos never bought slime before id give it a 6 out of 10, just because of the wetness.
I do like how its not thick/glossy and the nice sound it makes.

Fresh and Stretchy

I love the scent and the texture is a lovely and stretchy. It gets some nice airbubbles when squished.

Smells so good

I love this slime, it smells very good and got to me fairly quickly. It has an okay texture but not really was I was hoping for from an Icee slime, but all in all a good slime and the smelllllll is on point!

Sarah-Ashlyn Barber
Fabulous scent, texture, and sound

Purchased based on smell and popularity on website. The smell is great, the texture is pleasing, and there is a "crisp" sound when playing with the slime. Only con was that it arrived a week late.

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