Cucumber Melon Freeze

Icee Slime
Melon Green
Cucumber Melon (with notes of juicy melon and cool cucumber)
Not Edible
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Size: 5oz
Cucumber Melon Freeze Green Icee Slime Fantasies Shop 9oz Front View

Cucumber Melon Freeze


Cucumber Melon Freeze

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

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Savannah Mosley

Cucumber Melon scents bring me back! Such a nostalgic scent to me. Slime is so fun to play with and the texture is so smooth


This one has a very interesting texture, and super soft. All of the scents have been shockingly accurate and super pleasant, not overpowering but still fragrant.

Liam Laubach
Generous Customer Service and Addicting Slime, but I thought texture would be different

Skyler from Slime Fantasies was very helpful and even sent me a replacement of this slime when I asked about the texture. The slime was not as soft and sizzly as I thought it would be based on my hopeful assumptions of images on the website. It turns out I am just picky, the replacement slime felt very similar. I still really enjoy playing with this slime, it is very addicting and the smell is very pleasant and not too overpowering (and I am sensitive to scents). I also have cold hands and experience playing with slime, but some friends had trouble playing with it and some thought it felt wet (and did not like that feeling).

The slime I bought came a bit stiff and the replacement came perfectly activated, activation is an easy fix with glue or activator if you ever have an issue with it, slime comes with a convenient bottle of activator (doesn't come with glue for over-activated slime).

Overall, I think it is a pleasant and refreshing slime but I disappointed myself by thinking it would be softer by the pictures on the website.


Very bad experience with this texture. Unusable, ended up throwing it away which is a shame since the feel and the scent is so good

Megan Grady

Purchased this scent in hopes it would smell like the lotion from b&bw back when I was in middle school. And it does!! It smells amazing, and the asmr you can make with that crackling sound cannot be beat.

Smells yummy!

Very nice scent! Soft, but thicker of an icee slime than I've had before. Overall happy with the purchase.

Clio Cowgirl
Perfect slime

I love this slime!!! It smells just like it says. This slime is so soft and fluffy but there is some residue but it’s still an awesome slime….just couldn’t recommend it enough!!!


Literally my all time favorite scent. Slime fantasies has the highest quality slime and always offers the best scents. Period.

Shanna Tamez
1st Fime Slimer

I'm new to slimes and thought I'd give it a try. I ALWAYS have to be doing something with my hands and this was perfect for down time. The smell, color, and texture are really satisfying and help me to have fun and relax while keeping my hands busy. I'm happy I decided to try it out. Thank you!

Maeve Jessey
So good!!

This was my first slime order and I 100% get the hype now. This slime is so satisfying to play with and smells so good. Totally would buy again.

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