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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    kayla lambros
    the crunchiest

    its just like the garlic bread scent minus the bread, its perfect. love the texture and i bought extra "fake herb(green) topping", like the green in garlic bread and it really brings some fun color into this slime

    Cookie Dough

    Soft and stretchy, has an amazing sent.

    Orlie Yu
    Smells 100% authentic, INDEED!

    This slime smells exactly like garlic, different from their Garlic Bread slime, this one is the REAL GARLIC smell. So if you guys/gals are curious if it is similar or not with their best seller Garlic Bread, the answer is it is not similar at all. This one is exactly garlic only. I'm a garlic lover so 5 STARS here!!! Grab this slime if you are, too. The texture is also ON-POINT! Snow fizz is love.

    Samantha Amar
    Slime order SAMANTHA

    It smells amazing and very nice to play with!!
    The package was so BEAUTIFUL AND WELL PACKAGED!!

    SO NICE!!!

    This was one of the best slimes I’ve ever come across. The scent was spot on and the texture was so crunchy!!! NOT DISAPPOINTED. Definitely by this slime


    THIS SMELLS AWESOME, I bought your garlic bread slime and it was so satisfying!This has the same properties as it

    Crushed garlic

    Has the same garlic scent used in garlic bread slime just that it's without the bread scent lol. I like that this snow fizz texture isn't rough on hands but instead, it's more of a soft & creamy texture! (=

    Smells Like Garlic!

    This smells just like crushed garlic and is amazing! I would 100% recommend it if you are in the market for a savoury slime. The texture was incredible and everything came wrapped in bubble wrap. Overall I would totally recommend this slime. The service was amazing and the staff we're so kind and helpful with my concerns.

    amazing texture!!!

    first, this slime has an AMAZING texture! it has these sizzles that make the slime so satisfying. the scent i have to say in my opinion is a little strong for my liking but i really like it now that i’ve gotten used to it. only though, i would recommend this slime to people who like garlic scents. overall i love it!

    great texture!

    i loveeee this texture so much! tina is a straight up god at making snow fizzes so 100% recommend them! i love this slime so. so. much! besides the texture the scent is pretty great! as someone who enjoys garlic scents this smelled pretty accurate (crushed fresh garlic). when i first opened it i was a little bit shocked and wasn’t used to the scent but now (a few hours later) i really like how it smells. would only really recommend if you like garlic scents tho!