Build Your Own Snowman

Icee Slime
Snow Day (with notes of fresh pine tree, sweet marshmallow, and tangy orange peel)
Snowman Craft Kit (1x carrot nose, 1x hat, 2x button eyes, 2x tree branch arms in small bag)
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Size: 5oz
Build Your Own Snowman Christmas Winter White Icee Slime Fantasies Shop 9oz Front View

Build Your Own Snowman


Build Your Own Snowman

Size: 5oz

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Is great

Miley Moreno
What a Great Slime!

This slime is really fun to squish and poke. The scent reminds me of a cleaned cabin. I love that I really get to build my own snowman everytime. Overall I love this slime so much!

Ashley L.
My favourite slime

This slime is the most beautiful texture ever it feels amazing to play with it slightly sticks to surfaces but comes off super easy. It’s soft and good for pokes . And I love the scent but I don’t know if that’s what I imagine a winter day smells like😂


I LOVED the scent but the texture was not icee

New Here
Really Nice!

This is my first purchase from Slime Fantasies and may I say, first off, how fast shipping was, especially with the fact that this came all the way from CA to FL within five days. Four, really not including the day I ordered. Secondly, the packaging is top par, very cute and simple labels. I love how it tells you the slime texture and scent on the label and I love the warning labels. I also love the logo and the little bottle of activator. The scent to this one smells like eucalyptus to me which is so therapeutic! The icee slime is firm so that the snowman shape can hold. The pieces are adorable and this is an easy texture to care for, great for beginners. Definitely one that will be played with over and over again. I ordered three other slimes (Frog Prince, Apple Crisp Crunch, & Blackberry Cheesecake). They all smell so good! I will be leaving reviews for those as well once I open them. I just had to stop and leave a review after a wonderful experience. I’ve ordered from multiple other companies and I think I may have found my happy place 😃.

Great Smell & Texture

I love this one. The snowman add ins are so cute. I enjoy playing with this one.

Samantha Bozarth
Great slime!

Perfect slime for Christmas!!


Absolutely adorable and has fresh scent like fallen snow. My 4 year old loved this as his 1st slime!!

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