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Size: 5oz
Candy Shop Bubble Gum Pink Thickie Thick Glossy Slime Fantasies 7oz Front View

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Size: 5oz

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Great texture, great scent, and so fun to play with!

Julie Wong
Best Bubble Gum Slime

I love this slime. It smells exactly like bubble gum and is the color is hot pink. It came exactly like the description.. very glossy which we like.

My favorite so far!

I was skeptical about trying this particular texture, but after 20 minutes this slime was already my favorite out of my stash so far. The scent is potent and smells just like old school bubblegum. Texture is firm, stretchy, and gives you lots of super satisfying pops.

Brittaney Morgan
Great thick slime, not sticky when delivered

This slime is an awesome thick slime. It wasn't sticky when it was delivered and makes great popping noises!

Candace Coward
One of my favorites

The texture on this one is great. Smells like bubble gum and stretchy and glossy

Heather Sharpe
A favorite!

The texture of this slime is perfect. So soft and shiny. The scent is not too strong but can seem like a lot when you first open it. Im new with slimes but this one is just what I was looking for.

Giavanna Cabrera
Cute slime!

The slime was so cute and so much fun to play with! The smell was a little overpowering but was still very nice!

Gia C
Super cute slime!

The slime was super cute and fun to play with and arrived quickly! The scent was a little too strong for my taste but I still love it!

Azaria Rubenstein
Kinda disappointed

This slime was not that glossy and honestly a little stiff. It looks very pretty, though. I will still use it.

Took a minute for me

This one took the longest for me to get used to, I added the most activator with this one to get it not sticky. Once I did, though, the bubble pops were fantastic, it stretches and twists the best and is the smoothest out of the three I started with. It's kinda like playing with bubble gum that never loses it's elasticity. Or scent.

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