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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 55 reviews
    aimee benoit
    Love it!

    This slime has such a great texture and scent. I love it!

    Too sticky

    I love the grittiness of this slime but it is far to sticky. I have added so much activator to reduce stickiness but it simply doesn’t help. I placed slime in frig for a few hours to see if that would help and it did for a bit until it warmed back up in my hands. Maybe my hands are to warm for this one.
    I wish it wasn’t so sticky because this one is enjoyable to play with otherwise.

    Jennifer Guaman
    crunchy slime

    smells great. the texture is awesome!!!

    Molly Mitola
    Relaxing ASMR crunch berry 🍓

    I am no slime expert. I actually only own slimes from this shop that I got recently. But I really enjoyed putting this slime together and mixing it. Now that it is mixed, it is cool and crunchy & has a really yummy berry scent!

    Jennifer Frie
    I’m addicted.

    This is my first crunchy slime and I can’t put it down. The smell is delicious and the texture is amazing. I can’t put it down!

    Cheryl Jackson
    Slime-hating convert

    This slime is amazing! The texture is incredible, the scent is delicious, and it is everything I wanted slime to be back when my kids used to get it everywhere. I was skeptical and couldn't understand why people loved it so much. I get it now. My slime goes everywhere with me. I don't leave home without it!

    Madison Boze
    I love it!

    This smile is amazing! I love it! The texture, smell and color everything! I cant wait to buy more. Thank you for creating something that kills my stress and anxiety.

    So sweet

    Not only does this slime smell sweet but this company is sweet I wanted some slime and they weren't sold out luckily! The crunch and smell of this slime is so fun I love it!

    Erin Rodier
    First time!

    This crunchy slime was amazing and satisfying. The whole family from age 5-40 lived it

    Samantha F

    This is my first order and I love it. The texture and smell are bot better than I expected. I've already placed another order.