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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    First slime

    I'd never bought slime before but I'm glad I went with this bundle from Slime Fantasies. Had some shipping issues (yay usps) but customer service from SF was communicative the entire time. The lavender smelled good and had a nice stretch to it. The marshmallow fluff and the cheesecake both smell like caramel to me, but I love caramel so it's perfect (friends/family say they smell right so it's probably just me). The marshmallow is also SO inflatable that I have to work to get it back in the container after playing with it. The garlic bread was cool. The layers mixed in a pleasing way and the end result is worth holding onto. If you like garlic bread, get ready to have a growling stomach because oh man this stuff smells good (don't eat it though). The garlic bread was also pretty inflatable. My favorite hands down is the strawberry cheesecake. None of the colors (or on the garlic bread either) mixed at all. Mixing it by hand was gorgeous. None of the pictures do it justice. I'm a huge fan of the end result which is a sweet light red. And the texture the beads add is so great. I might just have to pick up the rest of the butter floams they make. There's no fallout from any of the slimes, and none of them were sticky. It's like playing with bread dough consistency wise. If you're curious about slime, I can't recommend this enough.

    First slime

    After looking at a bunch of companies and types, I decided to get this bundle from slime fantasies to see what all of the slime fuss was about. I'm REALLY glad I decided to go with this. I got the 5 oz pack and oh boy. Had some major shipping issues, but slime fantasies was extremely communicative the entire time. Thanks to usps, it took a while, but customer service was giving me constant updates. When this group of 4 got to me, they were perfect. The packaging was gorgeous, and none of the slimes mixed at all (I was surprised). Nothing was broken or open. The lavender has a wonderful scent. It's not super inflatable, but is a tiny bit. The marshmallow fluff and cheesecake both smell like caramel to me, but it's awesome. The marshmallow is EXTREMELY inflatable. I had issues getting it back into the container at first. Got some air worked out of after a bit and it fit. The strawberry cheesecake is an instant favorite. The way it combined as I mixed it was gorgeous. The pictures above don't do it justice. The texture is just so pleasant and squeezable. The beads add just enough texture to be perfect. Also, it mixed into a wonderful light red/pink. And oh man, the garlic bread. It definitely smells like garlic bread and it might just make you hungry (but don't eat it). The added fizz on the top with the green sprinkles is great. It's another favorite. It just makes my stomach rumble. Also, it is about as inflatable as the marshmallow. I really struggled to get it back in the container for a bit. All of the slimes are more of a dough like texture with slight variations. None of them are sticky, which was a pleasant surprise. If I had to pick a favorite, it'd probably be the strawberry cheesecake. The beads and color after mixing it are just the icing on the cake. Second is the marshmallow fluff, then the garlic, then the lavender. DEFINITELY worth buying if you're curious about slime at all.

    Awesome and realistic scents

    I loved the entire bundle. The garlic bread slime was so realistic but was slightly sticky. The aromatherapy lavender butter and the marshmallow fluff were my favorite. They both had a relaxing scent and had such a great texture. The strawberry cheesecake had a slight artificial smell to it but was still a really good slime. I just wish the textures were a little more diverse. All the textures seemed to have a butter slime base.


    I love them all but marshmallow fluff is my holy grail


    Bought this for my niece for Christmas I was too excited to wait so I gave it to her. She LOVES LOVES LOVES your slimes!! Keep them coming :) JoAnn

    So good!

    I got the 5oz bundle and it’s so good!!! I love all the slimes and the textures are amazing. Definitely try this out, I think 5 oz is the perfect size to study with!

    Lovely slimes but a little leak

    The garlic bread slime came with a little leak, but they were not sticky or stiff or melted they all felt great.


    These are amazing! All of the textures, it's a MUST!

    A M A Z I N G!!

    We are fairly new to slime. My kids have asked for slime for quite a long time, and I’ve always said no. But recently I found Slime Fantasies and decided to try them out. So glad I did! My girls love them, and they smell amazing! Highly recommend this shop!

    Worth every penny

    I got the bundle because it was an amazing deal. Garlic bread is by far my favorite one. The texture is amazing for all of the slimes. I would highly recommend getting this.