Aromatherapy - Bye Bye Stress

Snow Butter Slime
Pastel Purple
Calming Essential Oil Blend (lavender, chamomile & sweet orange)
Not Edible
Size: 5oz
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Aromatherapy - Bye Bye Stress


Aromatherapy - Bye Bye Stress

Size: 5oz

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Washington

I only wish I had bought the 9oz I absolutely love this slime

So nice I came back for more

Full disclosure: Anxious middle-aged slime n00b. I ordered this one (plus others from a few shops) and promptly came back for the Anxiety version (plus some, lol) if that says anything. My new phrase might soon be "go play with your slime" but this is not your old- school goop. Shipped lightning fast; these packages full of light and fun for any age.


The message was a beautiful reminder that I really am enough. It's my go to a slime when im feeling overwhelmed or stress. Also it's a very nice touch to my collection.

Ray Hughes
xslimebugx review

This slime is a little more firm which makes it great for long term use- it doesn't inflate very much so you can keep it in it's original container and take it with you for when you might be feeling stressed. The smell was more subtle and citrusy- the lavender smell was pretty mild. This slime makes really pretty swirls and it isn't sticky at all. I love that the package I got came with slime activator, too.

Literally My Favorite Thing

I had been looking to try slime for a while to soothe my anxiety, and this was a literal godsend to find! The texture is so smooth yet pliable and the scent is noticeable but not overpowering (I've always loved sweet and earthy aromatherapy scents). It really helps when my hands need to fidget with something, and its now the first thing I reach for when I'm having a rough day. Totally recommend!


Looks and feels falling into a soft plush lavender pillow, SO soothing. The scent is lovely as well, though I feel like the sweet orange comes out strongest of the three components.

Christina Roth
Smells great!

I love it! It smells amazing and is so calming!

Jeannie Aber
Great slime

I bought 3 different slimes, this was my first purchase of slime so I had no idea what I wanted. I liked this one, it smelled great and was soft and stretchy.

Sarah Jones
Delightful and Relaxing

I adore this slime. It smells like lavender, chamomile, and orange. It’s my favorite color. It definitely helps me unwind at the end of the day.

Perfect for stress relief

Texture is dense and thick, but it's not due to over-activation; pulling on it is a perfect way to relieve stress, as it stretches beautifully but takes some serious force to do so.

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