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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Love it!

    This slime smells amazing! The texture is awesome! Everything about this slime is perfect!

    Nova Neill
    perfect butter slime!

    My daughter says this slime reminds her of our first house, I think maybe there are hints of the lilac bushes we had there? So she keeps it handy to “smell whenever she feels sad or just wants to think about it”. The smell is really good, texture perfect. 10/10

    Love at first sniff

    From the moment I unscrewed the lid and took a whiff, I knew I had something special. I chose this one bc it has my favourite scent (jasmine) and boy does it deliver! A bold & elegant floral aroma with the gentle sweetness of vanilla underneath and a bright kick of tartness from the lemon to round it out – I can't believe I'd never encountered this scent medley before bc it is *magical*!! (Serious question: would you consider making this into an actual fragrance and/or a candle? Guarantee I would buy at least 3 of each, I can't get enough!) As for the texture, well, it doesn't get any simpler than this: no fallout, no nonsense, a smooth ride from start to finish with just enough tension & firmness to create a comforting grounding sensation. Everything about this is calming, soothing, healing. You have nothing to worry about when you play with this slime – it is here for YOU, no matter what you're going through! 14/10 will definitely buy again.

    Abigail Robertson

    We bought this for our 3 yr old but my husband and I can’t stop playing with it. This is for more than just heartbreaks. It’s a sweet smell and relaxing slime for every day.

    Kristie T
    Favorite smell

    Super stretchy and thick. Creamy with the most amazing scent.

    Andy T
    Love it

    It smells so good and has a great texture. My fav slime so far!

    Vanessa D
    Aromatherapy Slime

    Love the texture, feels and smells great. Definitely recommend. I'll

    Beautiful Color

    I am generally someone who does not like the color pink but when I saw the sents and the type of texture it is I knew I had to try it. I am so glad that I did. The scent is wonderful and not very strong, the texture is nice and fluffy and I even love the light pink color! Overall a very soothing slime to play with!

    LJ Hettel
    It feels amazing

    This slime feels so good and the smell is amazing , very stretchy too

    Shelby Cotton

    The slime is super soft and stretchy. It smells very nice and it’s all around just a really good time to play with.