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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 79 reviews
    its slaying

    it was amazing like 2318973/10 but like the scent was too weak for me

    The BEST

    This is my all time favorite slime. It smells just like sticky rice and the crunchy! Bravo SlimeFantasies!


    I love this slime….. I love every slime I’ve received from this shop, lol, but the mango sticky rice is awesome. Super textured, and smells lovely. My 1 oz mango jelly was SUUUUPER sticky, so I didn’t really get the option to mix in nicely, but it still mixed and it’s super fun to play with.

    Ellen Bruchmiller
    Perfect texture and scent!

    I absolutely love this crunchy, fizzy, coconutty slime. So satisfying and relaxing to play with.

    Hannah B.
    So nice

    I only wish there were more jelly cube slimes to choose from on this site but this one is AWESOME and I'm thinking of reordering just so I can squish them all again.

    Reviewer avatar
    Texture heaven

    This slime feels amazing to play with. Between the amazing smell, the beautiful fizzle and crackle sounds, and the amazing texture, I just can't stop playing with this slime! The jelly cubes are so fun to mash though, I do wish it came with more for the 9oz. Still giving five stars because I'm very satisfied with this purchase.

    Afton Butcher
    Smells so good you want to eat it

    I have seen this slime on so many reviews on you tube. I was so excited to see it was in stock again. This was my first one with jelly cubes and my first snow fizz. I love squishing the jelly cubes and it seems like the clear slime mixing with the snow fizz made it super creamy. It smells so good that I will literally just get it out to smell it. I’m trying to figure out how to make the actual food version of this. I love the sizzling texture and could play with this for hours. I hope you keep this one on your restocks so I can purchase it in the future.

    Kee Burke
    I liked it

    I liked the slime just not the smell to much but very fun to play with

    A Unique Experience

    I have been looking at different sticky mango rice slimes from tons of shops and this is the one I settled on. Oh. My. Gosh. The fizz texture (my first fizz slime) was unexpectedly soft and crackly. The mango jelly cube slime smells more like pineapple which was still great, nice and stretchy! I did actually dislike the sweet rice smell, it smells exactly as described but that smell was not for me.


    This slime is a visual treat. It’s nice and crackly and I loved playing with the “mango” piece and then combining them for a slightly softer texture. Both pieces smell so good, I especially loved the mango smell.