Observation des étoiles en hiver avec bébé Axolotl

Slime de nuage glacé
Bleu Violet
Sleepy Time (avec des notes de lavande apaisante et de miel sucré apaisant)
1x Charme Axolotl bleu/sarcelle/violet (sur le slime) + Sprinkle Mix (dans un petit sac)
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Observation des étoiles en hiver avec bébé Axolotl


Observation des étoiles en hiver avec bébé Axolotl

Taille: 5 onces

Customer Reviews

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The only thing I disliked was the strong scent that took a few washes to get off my hands. Otherwise, great stuff.

Libby Townsend

Very soft slime that smells really good! The glitter tends to stick to hands and surfaces, but I love playing with it so much!

Jordan W
This texture was so fascinating

You can tell how much time and effort goes into the production of these slimes. After opening my box of slime, it came with an activator bottle and a little piece of Candy. This slime smelled amazing, like a luxurious bath. The texture was incredible. I’m obsessed. The slime never stuck to my hands like other slimes have preciously. I will only be purchasing slime from this company. I was blown away with each slime I bought. 100000/10


Out of the three slimes I purchased during my return to this shop after a few years (the last slime I bought from this shop was some darling pink one scented like strawberry bread), this was the one I was most on the fence about and debating between this and one I didn't wind up going with. I don't typically buy clouds, but the cloud icee texture intrigued me, and I loved the color and scent blend. This starts out wet and a bit crumbly, but once you stretch it into the cloud, it is HEAVENLY. This makes such beautiful drizzles. There is a bit of inevitable snow residue, but not as bad as some other stores' clouds I've tried. The charm is darling, and the scent is so yummy and sweet. This was the only slime in my package that was scented as strongly as I like, namely enough to still smell with during play!

Hayli Vanderyacht
Loooove this texture!

This was my first time purchasing slime and I feel like I made the right choice! The texture was amazing and so was the scent! Baby axolotl was adorable as well.


That is so fluffy and soft, I feel like my hands are on a soft pillow. What is that smell? It’s very pleasant


Incredible company! My fave slime of all slime. Fast shipping and the attention to detail is something that keeps me coming back!

Perfect Icee Slime

This is the first icee slime I’ve had and it definitely might be one of my favorites. The smell is so nice, like a lavender honey spa towel. The axolotl charm is precious, and the texture of the slime is fantastic


I have been wanting to try these slimes for a while now and super happy with my purchase! So much softer than I was thinking and smells great! The packaging was cute!

Michelle Ryan
Super soft and fluffy

The texture is perfect and the smell is anazing.

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