Cueillette de pommes du dimanche

Icee Creme Slime (Icee+ Beurre de neige)
Rouge + Jaune = Orange
Pommes fraîchement cueillies (avec des notes de cannelle et d'épices d'automne)
Tranches de pomme fimo (dans un sachet saupoudré)
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Cueillette de pommes du dimanche


Cueillette de pommes du dimanche

Taille: 5 onces

Customer Reviews

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Got this my bf loves it because it’s easy to play with and the scent is very nice and fresh so cuteee

Chloe Tyer

Love the scent and the texture! Very soft.

Megan Babat
is it supposed to feel like soft playdough?

OK, this slime smells nice (it's that apple-candle smell-- not particularly realistic, but pleasant nonetheless), and the apple fimos are adorable. It's a lot of fun to mix the swirl of colors, and it turns a nice orange once it's fully combined. But the texture... maybe I missed something (I'm new to slime), but this had no sounds, no drizzle, no resistance, no inflation. It was a little sticky, stretchy without feeling elastic at all, and it left some snow residue on my hands. It felt like soft clay, but I don't think it has any clay in it. I'm confused. Was this the intended texture?

Cat Jay
In love with this slime

This slime smells so good, like apples and cinnamon. It reminds me of the cinnamon apple Febreeze, but it's not overwhelming. It was a tiny bit sticky when I received it, but that's probably because I live in a hot climate. I added a little activator to it and it's perfect. I love the added apple sprinkles, they're so fun to find in the slime.

Kathryn Miller
Fresh apples

This one smells so good. Reminds me of an apple pie. I love the little apple pieces that come with it. They think of everything when designing these slimes. Icee slimes are the best.


This will remind you of fresh apples and it's cute decor.

Olivia S.
One of my favorites

Great scent but not too strong, and great texture. One of those products that makes me want to place another order!

Perfect for fall

The smell is one of the things I love about this slime! It reminds me of apple orchards, which makes me think of fall! The texture is amazing and it’s really cool to see all the colors mix together when playing with it.

tanya rosales
Love !!!

This slime was probably my favorite because of the texture. I recomend !

great slime but the smell..

It came quick and fast! the texture was nice and everything was perfect but I myself did not enjoy the smell, it gave me a headache

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