Cupcake au citron sucré

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Sugared Lemon Cupcake Yellow Microfloam Crunchy Slime Fantasies 8oz Front View

Cupcake au citron sucré


Cupcake au citron sucré

Taille: 5 onces

Customer Reviews

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I love it!

I adore this slime! The fake lemon zest is quite a bit stickier than I anticipated, but after applying the activator more generously, it worked great! It's so sizzly, and the smell is TO DIE FOR!

Caitlin Miles

I LOVE it and the smell is amazing but it does lose its stretch over time which is upsetting.

The best smell!

The texture and the smell are both great!

Sandy Muench
Lavender Lemon Freeze

Oh my!! This is an amazing slime! The smell is wonderful and the texture is so neat! Thank you for providing quality slime!

Katie Leslie

Great texture and a nice scent.

Jaime M.
My new, new, new favorite slime.

I've written a few past reviews in which I say "this is my new favorite slime" but every time I open a new jar from Slime Fantasies that one becomes my "new" favorite. Sugared Lemon Cupcake really has me hooked though. The scent, sound, feel, & appearance make it impossible to put down. I do like some slimes more than others but its never less than "Ooh I like this one a lot!" However, in the case of this particular slime it goes something more like this... "Holy mother of... this is so damn good... I can't put this down... if I don't stop playing with this I'm gonna be late... crap, I'm late... oh well"

Sugared lemon cupcake

Nice texture, tough at first but gets more and more stretchy. The scent smells kind of like soap.

Savannah Hope
Great Texture

I adore this slime, its scented beautifully and has a great texture. The slime/floam bead ratio is fantastic, and I was pleasantly surprised with the fine glitter in this slime too. Its something that is mentioned in the description, but doesnt photograph. Its beautiful and very nice to look at. Id recommend this slime for anyone who likes floam slime.

Paul Haar
Sugared Lemon Cupcake

My daughter loves slime, and this one in particular! She plays with it all the time and she loves the scent and she described it as the “ best microfloam slime around! She also loves her other two purchases! She says your slime are her favorite!

Awesome Slime

Really crunchy and fun to play with.

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